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Top 13 Moments from The Walking Dead Season 4



Top 13 Moments The Walking Dead Season 4

Top 13 Moments from The Walking Dead Season 4“The Walking Dead” continues its onslaught as one of the most amazing horror-themed television shows to ever hit the airwaves. Season 4 brought new characters, expanded some old favorites, evoked tears and cheers, and of course had its share of zombie action.

Tomorrow, August 26th, The Walking Dead Season 4 hits Blu-ray/DVD via Anchor Bay, and with that in mind we decided to look back at our favorite moments from this season. Characters coming and going, separation and reunion, death and new life… Season 4 brought us “The Walking Dead” like we’d never seen it before.

We’ve got our Top 13 here, but as always, we’ll start with some honorable mentions. Bob’s raging alcoholism leading to the complete destruction of the liquor store kicked off the action in Episode 1, and the discovery of David and Karen’s murdered and burned bodies was the first real mysterious firecracker Season 4 gave us.

In Episode 12, we finally find out just exactly what Daryl was before the zombie apocalypse. And his answer, basically that he was nothing, was as surprising as it was perfectly fitting. The mysterious feeder of the walkers/mutilator of animals was another interesting angle in Season 4.

Lastly, Daryl’s volatile time with the “Claim” Gang’ showed us just how ornery our crossbow-wielding hero can be!

And now, in the order they happened, our Top 13 Moments from “The Walking Dead” Season 4.

Top 13 Moments from The Walking Dead Season 4

Hershel’s “You Risk Your Life” Speech (Episode 3, “Isolation”)
He came a long way from the grumpy ol’ farm owner we met in Season 2. By the time we arrived at Season 4, Hershel Greene had become one of the more beloved members of our band of survivors. Yes, he was the one that kinda pussified Rick for the majority of Season 4, but he had the best intentions. Always known for giving sage advice, Hershel’s finest moment of Season 4 had to have been the “speech” he delivers when talking to Maggie about why he continues to return to the quarantined section of the prison while the sickness is running wild.

Carol Gets the Boot (Episode 4, “Indifference”)… Then Returns! (Episode 10, “Inmates”)
We cruise through the superflu and “who killed David and Karen” episodes and land here at Episode 4 for the next big moment. Carol. Carol, who went from abused wife to cold-hearted ass-kicker (and maybe because she took so much shit for so long, the transition was a welcome change). But according to Farmer Rick, Carol took things too far when she killed David and Karen. As we remember, Rick exiles Carol with a carload of supplies and returns to the prison alone in the following episode (#5, “Internment “). We never did get the showdown between Rick and Daryl we thought would occur after he booted Carol, but there wasn’t time for that with you-know-who bearing down on them. Then, as quickly as she left, Carol returns in Episode 10. Much to the delight of a somewhat overwhelmed Babysitter Tyreese, Carol shows up along the train tracks. And not a moment too soon… although Tyreese did look pretty badass with Judith strapped in front of him papoose-style.

Top 13 Moments from The Walking Dead Season 4

The Return of The Governor (Episode 5, “Internment”)
Oh, we knew he was still out there. But just when everything was starting to settle… The medicine run had been successful, and it seemed as if Glenn, who was clinging to life by a thread, was going to survive and the flu was soon to be a thing of the past. Rick felt as if he had handled things by sending Carol away, and now it appeared they would be in for some much deserved peace. But as Rick and Carl are out in the field tending to their precious crops, whom do we see standing in the woods just outside the perimeter of the prison gates? That’s right, The Governor. Whether he’s calling himself Philip or Brian or John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, The Governor is always bad news… and he proved it again in Season 4.

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