NECA Talks Planet of the Apes; Classic Alien Figures on the Way!

NECA Talks Planet of the Apes; Classic Alien Figures on the Way!When it comes to horror-themed collectibles, NECA Toys is amongst the top of the heap, always producing quality sculpts and wowing fans on a consistent basis. Next up from them is talk of two new figures line based on The Planet of the Apes and Aliens.

Over the weekend NECA announced that they had acquired the license for The Planet of the Apes and took to Twitter to dish a bit on what we can expect from that... “[We] have the Apes license for both modern & classic” and are “planning on doing a lot with it. [It was a] fave since childhood.” So figures based on the entire Apes franchise? Yes, please! Can we just ignore the ones from that Tim Burton shitfest? Well, a couple of them were kinda cool! In any event! GREAT NEWS!

In other NECA headlines the company plans to continue dabbling in the Alien universe with 35th Anniversary figures based on Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror classic. Expect to see Dallas (Tom Skerritt) in spacesuit as well as the cat Jones (nicknamed “Jonesy” by the crew), Bishop, and the Queen! Still, there's one empty void.... WE NEED A RIPLEY! C'mon, Sigourney! Make it happen!

NECA Planet of the Apes

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