#SDCC 2013: Find Out What's Ahead in Being Human Season 4 and Watch the Show's Comic-Con Reel

#SDCC 2013: Find Out What's Ahead in Being Human Season 4 and Watch the Show's Comic-Con ReelThe Season 3 finale of Syfy's "Being Human" left all four roommates in a bad predicament. We brought back from Comic-Con a few clues of what's ahead in Season 4 along with the sizzle reel they shared with the fans.

First up was showrunner/executive producer Anna Fricke, who told us this year's theme is "destiny" and promised Season 4 will be "epic." We'll learn "everything happens for a reason." There won't be as many flashbacks as in years past, but we will see several returning guest stars like Amy Aquino, Mark Pellegrino, Kyle Schmid, and Deanna Russo.

As for the mysterious woman that looks just like Aidan's long dead wife (played by Katharine Isabelle), whom we saw emerge from a cab at the end of Season 3, we'll "find out exactly who she is" in Episode 4.01.

The always bubbly Meaghan Rath joined us next and teased that Sally will be "quite different" this year as she has "absorbed a lot of Donna's power" and will use it to get back to her friends. With regard to that difference, Sally "can't be the same as she was after losing so much over and over," and she'll be using that to "mask some really deep pain." Fortunately, she'll be reunited with the guys fairly quickly after Season 4 begins.

In terms of a new love interest for her character, Rath said "something is happening" but of course couldn't share any details. She did shed a little more light on the "destiny" theme in that Season 4 will "explore what happened in the roommates' pasts to bring them together." They're trying a lot of new stuff this year to keep it fresh.

#SDCC 2013: Find Out What's Ahead in Being Human Season 4 and Watch the Show's Comic-Con Reel

We were running short on time so missed chatting with Sam Huntington, but his co-star Kristen Hager filled us in on what newlyweds Josh and Nora (they shot their marriage scene in one take by the way) will be contending with in upcoming episodes. Things have "never been more challenging" between the two characters: It's been three months since we last saw them, and he's a wolf all the time now except during the full moon, which means they only have about a half hour of togetherness each month after he reverts to human form and before she turns into a wolf.

Aidan and Nora are now very close (which should satisfy those fans who were so upset at Nora last season when she was having her issues with the resident vamp). They're working together to get Josh back to normal and find Sally. Obviously they succeed in the latter mission because Hager promised we will see more Nora/Sally moments in Season 4. And we'll also see more of Nora's "primal wolf" as she'll do "whatever it takes" to get Josh back.

Lastly we spent a few moments with Sam Witer, who hinted that we'll "see some faces the audience won't expect." Since Season 1 we've had a "very defined turf" for the characters that was "then flip-flopped a bit." For instance, Aidan has now become quite a "subtly funny guy." But his love/hate relationship with the other vampires continues to be a big thing this year. He's still "on the bag" but doing it more and more. He'll finally tackle once and for all: Which side is he on?

Witer added they are "taking some risks this season" and he loves what they are doing with his character. Let's not forget, he reminded us, "Kenny's out there, there's still Kat, and [we have] this woman who looks like [his] wife."

#SDCC 2013: Find Out What's Ahead in Being Human Season 4 and Watch the Show's Comic-Con Reel

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