Sound the Sirens! A Trailer Approaches!

Siren already being remade...Sony has just released a trailer of the new Siren game, revealing some very striking graphics, some great music and lots of Silent Hill-esque overtones. Seems like this supposed remake is going the route of The Grudge, inserting a few American characters into the horrible events taking place in Japan, and based on the combination of English and Japanese dialogue, it’s something I hope they don’t change.

Hell, don’t even give us subtitles when we’re playing as the American characters.

For anyone going ‘gee, grainy filter, fog, warning sirens, even a windmill… bit of a rip off’ remember this: Siren was created by the same person that created the original Silent Hill (who has since left Team Silent). Given that Siren doesn’t really play like Silent Hill, I think we can forgive Keiichiro Toyama for revisiting some of the themes and imagery that he brought to the survival horror genre in the first place.

Some rumours are pinning New Translation as an episodic series of downloads from the PlayStation 3 store. The original Siren was structured much like the Ju-On series. A succession of chapters focusing on different characters playing in an out of order sequence. Making such an experience episodic is an interesting prospect… and personally I’m hoping that the rumours are true.

As we wait to find out more (and await the release of the Japanese demo next week), download the trailer and look into the world of Siren for yourself.

The game still isn’t confirmed for American release, but the changes to the story seem to hint very strongly towards it. We’ll let you know either way.


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