Child’s Play Penner Finds the Kill-Switch

Don Mancini to exec producer Kill-SwitchMy wife and I always joke about having weird mutant powers, like the power to tell when milk has gone bad without opening the carton, but this one just seems downright annoying.

Variety reports this morning that Don Mancini (pictured, Child’s Play, Bride of Chucky) has a new one-hour drama set up with Sci Fi called “Kill-Switch” (no “Engage”), about a women who has the ability to jump into the bodies of people about to be murdered. Wow, that sounds like fun. “Oh, look, yet another body, yet another knife in my chest from a shadowy stranger … can’t wait to see how I’m murdered next!”

Hopefully the actual show will be more involved than that.

Mancini is producing alongside Howie Mandel who, thanks to the popularity of “Deal or No Deal”, now has all sorts of influence and was able to rescue “Kill-Switch” from languishing at ABC, where it was originally housed.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Terminal

    Sounds really lame.

  • Blockbuster

    So it moved from ABC to SciFi? Yeah…that’s a good switch…if you had said Showtime…I’d be hooked.