Get Your First Look at Billy Club - Posters, Stills, and Official Teaser!

Word of Billy Club, a new indie film set to debut later this summer, came our way today, and we're happy to provide the online premiere of the film's teaser trailer along with some stills and posters.

From the Press Release:
From the team that brought you Blood Junkie (2010) comes Billy Club, a new film that combines two of America’s favorite pastimes -- baseball and slasher movies! Billy Club follows the story of a little league team that was torn apart by a gruesome triple homicide and the four friends who reunite 15 years later to pay tribute to their fallen coach and teammates. A mystery unfolds as the secrets from their past begin to haunt them, and a vengeful killer, hidden by an antique umpire’s mask, returns to even the score.

As both a mind-bending mystery and a breakthrough genre film, Billy Club showcases a passionate collaboration of extremely talented producers, actors, and artists, including a memorable turn by Mark Metcalf (Animal House, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") as The Umpire. Chock-full of psychological twists, hilarious characters, and unforgettable kill scenes, Billy Club stands out as an inspiring example of indie horror filmmaking at its best.

The film was written and directed by Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer and is currently in the final stages of post-production. Along with the abovementioned Metcalf, it stars Erin Hammond as Alison, Marshall Caswell as Bobby, Nick Sommer as Kyle, Max Williamson as Danny, and Sebastian Weigman as Young Billy.

The outstanding design team Dog & Pony produced some amazing poster artwork for Billy Club, which was honored by the 19th Annual Communicator Awards with its prestigious Award of Distinction.

Check out the goods, and look for more soon!

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