Robert “Count Yorga” Quarry Needs a Helping Hand!

Count Yorga has faced troubled times.Hammer Horror icon and all around great actor Robert Quarry needs your support.

The man who terrified us as Count Yorga and almost beat Vincent Price to immortality in Dr. Phibes Rises Again has had a rough spell brought on by a disgusting and manipulative fan according to Icons of Fright:

Mr. Quarry was taken advantage of by a “lonely, miserable ‘never was’ who starts off as a fan, gets close to the aging celebrity, then, thru manipulation and bullying, makes the celebrity feel as if they would be helpless without them. Much like a battered wife or child, the celebrity feels afraid to speak up; fearful that this vulture is their only way to get to the doctor, the store etc… Often, the Vulture gains access to the celebrity’s bank account, passing themselves off as an ‘assistant’ or ‘manager’.

We are not talking about gold digging, but nickel and dime digging- stealing the dollars and postage stamps that fans send to have their items autographed and returned; taking valuable memorabilia under the guise of selling it on e-bay for the celebrity only to lie about the profits and horde them for themselves; or worse, actually charging the helpless celebrity for their time, their rides to the doctor; their assistance in moving. This devil, this leech, does its best to put a wedge between the celebrity and his or her true friends, doing their best to keep the lid on their crimes.

What can you do? It can be as simple as sending a fan letter to the man himself and wish him well! In rough times something as small as a “Thank you for all the frights and fun” can help even the roughest patch in life.

VENICE, CA 90291

Icons of Fright also has a gift registry set up for Robert via Amazon and Target. If you’d like to purchase something for the Count, please click here.

Thank you,

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Mike Phalin

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