Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection Proves to be a Half-Assed Affair

Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection Proves to be a Half-Assed AffairThe complete specs have been made available for Warner Bros. Entertainment's upcoming Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection Blu-ray box set, and it's a great day if you like your releases edited and slapped together.

You can scroll to the bottom for a complete list of specs for each movie, but I'm going to jump in and tell you exactly what's wrong with this release. This isn't an editorial lamenting the lack of uncut Friday the 13th movies that have never before been released. If we haven't seen excised footage by now, it's because, in all probability, it no longer exists. Yes, it would be nice to finally see Friday the 13th part 2 in all its uncut, Carl Fullerton glory, but it's probably never going to happen.

This isn't a gripe session predicated on unrealistic expectations. But what's inexcusable is that Warner Bros. is offering the R-rated versions of the original Friday the 13th and, in an even more egregious move, Jason Goes to Hell. This is inexcusable. Friday the 13th has already been released to Blu-ray in an uncut edition - is there any reason they couldn't have included both cuts? As for Jason Goes to Hell, there's no reason to watch the film in its R-rated form because all the fun stems from KNB's outrageous splatter FX.

Is there a chance that Warner Bros. doesn't have any idea what they're talking about and these two films will be the uncut versions after all? It's possible. The specs for the original Friday are otherwise identical to Paramount's 2009 Blu-ray release, so it's within reason to assume they might have incorrectly identified the unrated cut as the theatrical one.

The same can be said for Jason Goes to Hell, which will include the Adam Marcus and Dean Lorey commentary that was originally recorded for the unrated DVD release.

But let's talk about some other areas where this supposed "complete" collection falls flat. First off, we're getting a lazy anaglyph 3D presentation of Friday the 13th part 3. Polarized theatrical 3D films like Dial M for Murder and Amityville 3D have been and will be transferred into real 3D for Blu-ray and yet Friday fans remain stuck with the ugly, incorrectly transferred mess that plagued Friday the 13th part 3's previous HD iteration.

And then there's the extras. Nothing complete about them. I wasn't expecting any new supplements to be commissioned for this release. After all, there's a seven hour Crystal Lake Memories documentary en route later this year that promises to be the final word on Friday information.

But the extras list is such a mess that it's hard to keep track of everything. But let's try:

Friday The 13th

  • R Rated, Theatrical Release
  • Commentary by Director Sean S. Cunningham with Cast and Crew
  • Friday the 13th Reunion
  • Fresh Cuts: New Tales from Friday the 13th
  • The Man Behind the Legacy: Sean S. Cunningham
  • Lost Tales from Camp Blood - Part 1
  • The Friday the 13th Chronicles
  • Secrets Galore Behind the Gore
  • Theatrical Trailer

    What's here: Pretty much everything that was on Paramount's Blu-ray and Deluxe DVD. That's why it looks like the R-rated listing could simply be an error. But Friday the 13th never saw another stateside release with extras, so there's nothing else 'missing' here.

    Friday The 13th Part II

  • R Rated, Theatrical Release
  • Inside "Crystal Lake memories"
  • Friday's Legacy: Horror Conventions
  • Lost Tales from Camp Blood - Part 2
  • Jason Forever (used on 2004 release/Best Buy bonus disc)
  • Theatrical Trailer

    What's here: This is the same supplement list carried over from the previous Blu-ray and DVD release.

    Friday The 13th Part III

  • Rated, Theatrical Release
  • 3D and 2D versions of film
  • 2 Pairs of 3D glasses
  • Fresh Cuts: 3D Terror
  • Legacy of the Mask
  • Slasher Films: Going for the Jugular
  • Lost tales From Camp Blood, Part 3
  • Theatrical Trailer

    What's here: This is the same supplement list from the last release, although the WBShop also claimed that they are 'touching' up the 2D version by removing some additional dirt.

    What's missing: The audio commentary from the 2004 From Crystal Lake to Manhattan box set. Now this is where the laziness starts kicking in. Because you'll see further down that Warner is, in fact, including some of the other commentaries from that 2004 set. So what this comes down to is not wanting to create a new Blu-ray when they can re-use the old release (but can they really add a new transfer then?).

    Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

  • R Rated, Theatrical Release
  • Commentary by the director, screenwriter and editor
  • "Fan" Commentary
  • Vintage Featurettes
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

    What's here: This marks the first time TFC has seen Blu-ray, and most of the extras have been carried over from the Deluxe DVD release. It's unclear what is meant by the term 'vintage featurettes' but what that may or may not encompass is: Lost Tales from Camp Blood - Part 4, Jason's Unlucky Day: 25th Years After Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited - Part 1 and Jimmy's Dead Dance Moves. Again, it's most likely that someone at Warner mistakenly categorized these as 'vintage' featurettes, despite being 4 years old.

    Friday The 13th: A New Beginning

  • R Rated, Theatrical Release
  • Commentary by Director/Co-Screenwriter with Cast and Crew
  • Vintage Featurettes

    What's here: Like part 4, this is ANB's Blu-ray bow (to celebrate, it gets to share disc space with Jason Lives). Most of the extras look to have been carried over from the Deluxe DVD release. There's still a question of what's vintage. In any case, here's what that likely entails: Lost Tales from Camp Blood - Part 5, New Beginnings: The Making of Friday the 13th part V: A New Begining and The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited - Part 2.

    Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI

  • R Rated, Theatrical Release
  • Commentary by Director with Cast and Crew
  • Vintage Featurettes
  • Slashed Scenes
  • Original Theatrical Teaser Trailer

    What's here: Part 6 hits Blu-ray in a release that's likely identical to the Deluxe DVD. Here's the 'vintage' featurettes: Lost Tales from Camp Blood - Part 6, Jason Lives: The Making of Friday the 13th part VI and The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited - Part 3.

    What's missing: Tom McLoughlin's solo commentary from the 2004 release.

    Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood

  • R Rated, Theatrical Release
  • "Killer" Commentary by Director and Actors
  • Vintage Featurettes
  • Slashed Scenes
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

    What's here: TNB looks identical to Paramount's Deluxe Edition from 2009. The 'vintage' featurettes include Makeover by Maddy: Need A Little Touch-Up Work, My Ass, Jason's Destroyer: The Making of Friday the 13th part VII: The New Blood and Mind Over Matter: The Truth About Telekenesis.

    What's missing: The John Buechler and Kane Hodder commentary from the 2004 box set. The director and star did another commentary for the 2009 release, but it's pales in comparison to the original conversation.

    Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

  • R Rated, Theatrical Release
  • Commentary by Director
  • "Killer Commentary by Actors Scott Reeves, Jensen Dagget and Kane Hodder
  • Vintage Featurettes
  • Slashed Scenes
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

    What's here: JTM looks identical to Paramount's Deluxe Edition from 2009. The 'vintage' featurettes include New York Has A New Problem: The Making of Friday the 13th part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan and a gag reel. Curiously, this release claims to include the Rob Hedden commentary track that was previously offered on the 2004 box set, making this an incredibly confusing case of Warner's cherry picking supplements.

    Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

  • R Rated, Theatrical Release
  • Commentary by Adam Marcus and Dean Lorey
  • TV Version Alternate Scenes

    What's here: The same supplements from the old New Line DVD. Curiously, this alleges to be the R-rated theatrical cut. If true, this is the most catastrophic oversight of the entire set.

    What's missing: Possibly the unrated cut.

    Jason X

  • R Rated, Theatrical Release
  • Commentary by Jim Isaac, Todd Farmer and Noel Cunningham
  • Vintage Featurettes
  • Theatrical Trailer

    What's here: The supplements from the New Line DVD. 'Vintage featurettes' being: The Many Lives of Jason Voorhees documentary (including a background cameo by yours truly!) and Making of Jason X documentary.

    Freddy vs. Jason

  • R Rated, Theatrical Release
  • Commentary by Director Ronny Yu, Robert Englund (Freddy) and Ken Kirzinger (Jason)
  • Featurette Gallery Covering the Film's Development, Art Direction, Makeup Effects, Stuntwork and More
  • Visual Effects Exploration with the Creative Team
  • My Summer Vacation: A visit to Camp Hackenslash
  • Ill Ni√Éno How Can I Live Music Video
  • Deleted Scenes

    What's here: The supplements from the New Line DVD are listed in full.

    Friday The 13th (2009)

  • Theatrical and Extended Cuts
  • Rebirth of Jason Voorhees
  • Interactive PIP with Trivia Track
  • Hacking Back/Slashing Forward
  • The 7 Best Kills Extra
  • Additional Scenes
  • BD live: My Commentary

    What's here: All the features from the 2009 release have been carried over.

    Friday the 13th Killer Bonus Disc

  • Friday the 13th Chronicles: Part I - VIII
  • Secrets Galore Behind The Gore (3 Part Featurette)
  • Original Trailers - Part I - VIII

    What's here: This is the bonus disc from the 2004 release. In the wake of the incoming Crystal Lake Memories documentary, this is going to look like a shoddier effort than it already is.

    Lastly, we have that hideous packaging. This should've been a slam dunk but, instead, we get a slapdash image from...Jason Goes to Hell? This is a collector's set and presentation is everything. The least Warner Bros. could've done was make this an eye-catcher. Something that celebrates and commemorates 33 years of Friday the 13th, instead of using a hideous piece of key art. But perhaps the awful image, the ugly font and the barely decorated tin (they couldn't be bothered to put artwork on the spine?) is an accurate representation of what a lazy cash grab this truly is.

    Far be it from me to tell you how you spend your money. But the existing Paramount deluxe edition DVDs can be had for mere dollars on Amazon and, believe me, the transfers on those are quite impressive for standard definition presentations. This is a pricey set and Warner Bros. knows that some fans will plunk down for it (and they're right, there's currently a group of raving douchebags on Blu-ray.com berating anyone who expresses disappointment with this). But when companies like Scream Factory and Synapse are out there regularly crushing it with every release, why should we be expected to support such mediocrity?

    But hey, it comes with a patch.

    Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection Blu-ray Set

    Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection Blu-ray Set

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    DeadInHell's picture

    As if that weren't enough, they also cropped nearly every film in the series for the blu ray releases (from 1.85:1 to 1.77:1). This really bothers me. I'm tired of classic films being released in butchered versions. They give you the censored cut, then they cut off a bit of the filmed image just to add insult to injury. I have a zoom function on my fucking tv, I don't need some hack to resize every film I watch before purchase. And no consumer on earth wants to fork over their cash for LESS of a movie.

    The only film that is left intact, aspect ratio-wise, is part III. Part III was the only film in the original run that was presented in 2.35:1. Perhaps they figured too much image space would be lost if they cropped this one down. Would have been nice if they could have just left ALL of the goddamn films in the series alone for this reason, and presented them in the original ratio. It's bad enough that all these decades later we still have to watch the neutered MPAA approved cuts of these films, missing a great deal of spectacular special effects work as a result.

    It would be nice if someone who actually gave a damn about this series and the fans oversaw their release in high definition.

    Submitted by DeadInHell on Sun, 08/18/2013 - 3:39am.
    The Unknown Murderer's picture

    You know, I would like to see a nicer presentation for a movie series this important to horror film history, but are we really so entitled these days that nothing is ever good enough?

    When deciding whether I would buy this boxset or not, I compared the visual quality for the F13 dvd versus the bluray to see if it would be worth it. I have a 55 inch 1080p LCD display (which is pretty standard these days?) and the difference is amazing in regars to picture quality & sharpness, the amount of detail that can be seen and light/dark contrasts. When I saw this, I immediately realized I was going to buy the bluray boxset as long as all of the transfers are as gorgeous as the first.

    As far as anaglyph 3D goes, it really is too bad that it won't be happening. But that's still very niche as far as the movie buying market goes. And 3D televisions make me nauseous within minutes, so I would miss out on that. A very, very small number of people have 3D television and bluray setups and that may not be worth the money for WB to put the work in to creating a new 3D transfer for a 30 year old film that appeals to an unfairly maligned group of hardcore horror fans.

    F13 has always been the red-headed stepchild of Paramount studios and if we're honest with ourselves, don't we get a bit of side-satisfaction from loving such a thing that gets no respect from mainstream Hollywood?

    These days, the sales of bluray and dvd have dropped drastically compared to just a few years ago, and I believe that's why Scream Factory is cleaning up on the 'collector's' market; if they create beautiful packaging with gorgeous transfers (despite disappointing 2.0 Surround on a Universal catalog release such as 'They Live'), they will get cash from the hardcore horror market.

    Would I like to see the 'perfect' set of Friday films on bluray? Yes! Would I love to see as much care put into this package as that given by Scream Factory for their releases? Of course, and I wish that they were releasing these films for us. And if Scream Factory were ever able to get their mitts on this, I would upgrade to that set in a heartbeat.

    But I will NOT bitch and complain about what is missing from this set when in reality, the flicks will cost around $10.00 apiece in HIGH DEFINITION and will most likely look the best I've ever seen. We've got the highest of expectations from a movie studio to provide the best quality product for something that we love, which is not unfair of us, not at all! But when it comes right down to it, when will any of us be happy with any of this? Maybe never?

    Happiness doesn't come from stuff, not even from movies, and it's been 20 years since I watched Part 8. I hate the remake. And Jason Goes to Hell is terrible. So, 9 out of 12 of these flicks are what I really want, but I won't complain about that.

    I love these movies with all my heart, but I won't get my panties in a bunch about whether something is 'missing' from this set or not. I'll buy it on Black Friday when it's more than likely going to be on sale, and I'll pre-order the Crystal Lake Documentary ASAP.

    If you don't want it, don't buy it. But I'll enjoy watching Parts 4 and 6 in Hi-Def glory pretty shortly and I'll be happy about it, because I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen.

    Submitted by The Unknown Murderer on Sun, 06/30/2013 - 12:36pm.
    theGoldenSimatar's picture

    I'm skipping this one then. I'd buy it just for Friday the 13th Part 3 in proper Blu-Ray 3D but as it's only anaglyph I'm not going to fork over a penny.

    Submitted by theGoldenSimatar on Sat, 06/29/2013 - 2:26am.
    LifeMi's picture

    Thanks for the info, Matt; looks like I'm sticking with my DVD copies.

    Submitted by LifeMi on Sat, 06/29/2013 - 12:43am.
    DavidFullam's picture

    Typical of Warner Brothers.

    Submitted by DavidFullam on Fri, 06/28/2013 - 10:58pm.
    Terminal's picture

    Buying this regardless. I'm a huge Jason nerd. And no disrespect, but wondering why a documentary your colleagues on DC are making isn't in the set and using it as a caveat feels like shameful pandering. I'm sure Crystal Lake Memories will be a great documentary, but I'll just buy it when it's released.

    I'm buying this set anyway. I have the original DVD set from years ago, but I don't have JGTH, or Jason X.

    Submitted by Terminal on Fri, 06/28/2013 - 9:03pm.
    Matt Serafini's picture

    Never once did I wonder why Crystal Lake Memories isn't included in this set. What I said was I wasn't expecting any extra supplements to be produced specifically for this set because, after CLM, there really won't be anything left to say.

    Submitted by Matt Serafini on Fri, 06/28/2013 - 9:45pm.
    Screamz's picture

    I think you've changed my mind. I've been waiting for all the F13 films to hit Blu-Ray, but after reading this, I think maybe I'll just pick up their Deluxe Edition cousins instead. Why can't somebody shows these films the love they deserve and put out editions that they so rightly deserve...?

    Submitted by Screamz on Fri, 06/28/2013 - 8:17pm.

    Thanks for the write-up Matt. I'm definitely not buying this box set now.

    Submitted by LSD Zombie on Fri, 06/28/2013 - 7:19pm.

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