More Grimm Season 4 Wesen Revealed

Grimm on NBCWondering what sorts of wild and wooly Wesen Nick and the gang will be facing in the upcoming Season 4 of “Grimm”? Well, we can help fill in the blanks of four of them as NBC has unveiled artwork and details of the Schinderdiv, Heftigauroch, Golem, and previously revealed Gedächtnis Esser.

When Grimm season 4 on October 24th, things pick up right where they left off in the Season 3 finale with Nick (David Giuntoli) having lost his Grimm abilities. He’ll need some help for sure to fend off this dastardly quartet!

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for the below info.

Gedächtnis Esser (top left): The part-man part-octopus Wesen has four tentacles that burrow into its victim’s head. It also steals your memories and leaves you with dementia. “A lot of what we do is try to explain real-world problems, like in this case identity theft,” says executive producer Jim Kouf. “Our best Wesen ideas come when we have an emotional core that explains something in life.”

Schinderdiv (top right): “How do you explain people who are only out for themselves and do anything to achieve a goal?” asks executive producer David Greenwalt. This demon beast has long bottom fangs and is meant to embody ruthlessness and selfishness.

Heftigauroch (bottom left): Kouf says the Heftigauroch is actually a bull-like Wesen that morphs into rage when provoked. In the show he’s a boxer who is very peaceful and doesn’t want to fight. Just don’t push him too far. “When a bull is brought into a ring, it doesn’t necessarily want a fight… [it] requires being hit with picadors to get mad — this Wesen requires the same treatment,” Kouf says.

Golem (bottom right): As most horror fans know, the Golem is a creature from Jewish folklore. Made of clay and 10 feet high, he protects the meek but is dangerous to try to control. According to Kouf, “The twist with our Golem is how it gets destroyed.”

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