Embrace Cuddly Evil!

For all of our readers who are confused about whether or not they should embrace their own inherit evil or just find something cute to play around with, we just found out about a new collectible that just might eliminate the choice all together!

Anna Puchalski, who’s done work with companies like Toy2R and Vinyl Community in the past, has combined the hideous, unspeakable horrors of Lovecraft with the cute and cuddliness of bunny rabbits to create Necronomiconey! The name is a combination of Necronomicon (duh) and “coney”, which is an ancient word for cut fluffy bunnies.

As you can see these figures are … different than your standard fare, and because of that they’re also very, very rare. For now only 50 have been made, each one custom painted with bendy tentacles, and you can click here to see what variants will be coming up in the following weeks. Get one now before they become the next “must-have” toy for all lovers of the cuddly and insane!

Necronomiconey (click to see it bigger!) Necronomiconey (click to see it bigger!) Necronomiconey (click to see it bigger!)

Johnny Butane

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