There’s Plenty of Vacancy for a Prequel

Our favorite wall-jumper!During a quick visit over to the place where film conversations go to die (IMDB), I saw that last year’s motel horror pic “>Vacancy (review) is receiving a second serving.

STYD is reporting this entry as a prequel where we find a trio of friends caught at a motel where snuff films are being made. It also looks like the casting has almost been finalized with Blood and Chocolate wall-jumping beauty Agnes Bruckner as one of the leads. Brian Klugman, Arjay Smith, Christopher Allen Nelson and Joe Reegan have also been brought on.

Nimród Antal will not be returning this time to direct; instead that responsibility is up to Eric Bross, whose resume consists of a lot of TV directing. Mark Smith has been tapped again to be the project’s screenwriter, so we can probably expect more of the same of what we saw last year.


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