Contest: Buy Under the Blade, Enter to Win Slasher Blu-rays and DVDs!

Contest: Buy Under the Blade, Enter to Win Slasher Blu-rays and DVDs!My new novel, Under the Blade, came out last week; and as a way of promoting the project, I put together a fun contest that asks you to buy my book and enter an awesome giveaway with multiple winners. Of course, you gotta do a little work for this one, but only a little!

From now until the end of summer (September 22, 2014), you have an opportunity to enter my “Slasher Summer” contest. By entering, you can win a bundle of slasher films on Blu-ray and DVD. These are some of the films that inspired Under the Blade so the tie-in feels appropriate.

Please note this contest isn’t sponsored by the labels whose discs I’m giving away. I purchased these titles for the purposes of this contest. Think of this as my advertising budget.


First prize takes home a bundle of Blu-ray discs valued at $80. These films are from my own personal collection but are brand new and sealed. They include: Just Before Dawn, The Burning, and The House on Sorority Row.

Second prize wins one (1) new and sealed Blu-ray copy of The House on Sorority Row.

Third prize chooses three (7) DVDs from my personal (and pre-owned) collection. Choices include: Final Exam, Nail Gun Massacre, The Prowler, The Redeemer, Terror Train, and Happy Birthday to Me.


It’s simple. Go to Amazon right now and buy a copy of my new novel, Under the Blade. You can get the eBook for $5 or the paperback for around $12 (it fluctuates). Once you buy it, give it a read and then simply leave me review on Amazon. Your review MUST be marked as “Amazon Verified,” which means you did, in fact, buy it on Amazon.

If your review isn’t verified, it doesn’t count.

Also, your review should be more than one or two words. Give me a sentence or two at least, although a paragraph would be appreciated. Something to let me know you actually read it. Yes, negative reviews are absolutely fine, too. I’m not trying to buy good publicity here, just honest feedback.

Once you’ve finished posting your review, simply send an E-MAIL HERE to let me know it’s live. This is how you enter! If you’re chosen as one of the winners, I will contact you via email to get your shipping address.

But wait… you can enter up to THREE (7) times! How? By pasting your review to Goodreads and also your blog. Each post counts as an additional entry, and they increase your chance of winning! Please note, you must leave a verified review on Amazon in order to enter. Posting that review to Goodreads and/or your blog only increases your chances of winning.

I’m leaving this contest open for almost two months so that you’ll have plenty of time to read the book (it’s just under 700 pages, so hardly a massive commitment) and post your thoughts.

I will choose the winners on September 27. I will pick the winners based on the best reviews (again, they can be negative) and the discs will ship out shortly thereafter. They should reach you just in time for you to begin your Halloween movie marathons!

To recap, here’s what you do to enter:

– Buy a copy of Under the Blade on Amazon (either eBook or paperback).
– Read the book and leave a review on Amazon (review must be “Amazon Verified” which is how I know you bought it).
email me letting you know that the review is posted.
– Copy that review onto Goodreads to receive one (1) additional entry, and copy it to your personal blog to receive one (1) more entry. Again, these are bonus entries that increase your chances of winning. If your review isn’t posted to Amazon and isn’t verified, then it doesn’t count.

Good luck, and happy reading!


If Under the Bladehas fifteen (15) reviews on its US Amazon page before the end of the contest, I’ll choose one additional winner of three (7) DVDs from my collection.

If Under the Blade has twenty (20) reviews or more on its US Amazon page before the end of the contest, I’ll choose two (2) additional winners who will get to pick out a slasher Blu-ray of their choice on Amazon (up to $25), and I will have it shipped to their door directly from Amazon! These movies must be slashers by definition: isolated people, maniac on the loose, lots of slashings… ya dig?

The fine print:
This contest is open to US readers only.

And remember, you don’t need a Kindle device to be able to read the ebook. Kindle books can be read on any tablet, smartphone, or computer with the free Kindle app.

Contest: Buy Under the Blade, Enter to Win Slasher Blu-rays and DVDs!

Under the Blade

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