Kino Lorber Releasing Seventies Snake-Charming Carrie Clone Jennifer on DVD and Blu-ray for the First Time

Kino Lorber Releasing Seventies Snake-Charming Carrie Clone Jennifer on DVD and Blu-ray for the First TimeKind of a shame the Carrie remake wasn’t a bigger hit because part of me would like to believe that might lead to a remake of the obscure 1978 knock-off Jennifer. Thanks to Scorpion Releasing, “The Snake Goddess” will be reborn on Blu-ray.

Jennifer is the movie that answers the question as to what you would get if someone combined the bullied high school girl with magic powers seeking revenge on her cool kid tormentors premise (i.e., Carrie) with the social misfit with the ability to make animals do their bidding to get revenge against their tormentors trope (i.e., Willard).

Lisa Pelikan starred in the film (also known by the title Jennifer the Snake Goddess) as a shy young woman from a poor, rural family of Pentecostal snake charmers who finds herself the target of conniving rich kids at the snooty private school she attends via scholarship. They finally push her too far, forcing her to fight back using her parseltongue powers, including the ability to conjure forth a giant supernatural serpent.

Fairly unknown to most of today’s horror audience outside of grey market collectors, Kino Lorber has announced plans to license this forgotten 1978 American International Pictures production from MGM for its first ever DVD and Blu-ray release on October 14th. No further disc details at the moment. I strongly suspect this one is going to be bare bones.

The late Bert Convey and the even later Nina Foch co-starred in this nature gone amok teen revenge flick from Disney animator-turned-director Brice Mack. Here’s a spoiler-filled trailer just in case you thought giving away most of the movie in the preview was a recent occurrence.


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