Indie Screenwriter Pitches Direction for Paramount’s Upcoming Friday the 17th Project

Indie Screenwriter Pitches Direction for Paramount's Upcoming Friday the 17th ProjectWe don’t cover pitches on Dread Central so I debated about this one. In the end it got me thinking about all the different ways to approach the story of Jason Voorhees, though, and I wanted to share what one filmmaker would do with the opportunity to pen the next Friday the 17th.

This comes from Dale Zawada (A Big Love Story), an award-winning indie screenwriter and Chicago-based comedian who’s thinking big about his next project.

That project? Paramount’s upcoming Friday the 17th film, which is slated to open on November 17, 2015, a feat considering the studio has had no luck locking down a script as of yet.

Zawada recently produced a comedic horror film called Dirtbags and has put together a pitch for Paramount and production company Platinum Dunes for the 2015 film.

In what would be a re-imagining of the series, Jason Voorhees is the protagonist. A young kid suffering from psychological issues after witnessing the murder of his mother. A sort of “real world” take, if you will. In this pitch Crystal Lake has been taken over by a corporation that has established a brand of summer camps all over the United States, and the narrative would alternate between the flashbacks of a very human Jason and the modern day element, which would, presumably, offer fans a glimpse of the slasher they know and love.

This is definitely a different take. Is it too different? I’d love to hear what some of the fans have to say about a Friday the 17th like this. Is it time for something new? Check out Dale’s pitch video, and let us know in the comments section what direction you’re hoping to see the franchise go in when it hits theaters next year.

Indie Screenwriter Pitches Direction for Paramount's Upcoming Friday the 17th Project

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