Blanks Weathers the Storm

Jamie Blanks is back with Storm WarningRemember Jamie Blanks? The director who burst onto the scene in the mid-90’s with Urban Legend, then disappeared from the scene (in a directorial status, at least) after Valentine? Well, he’s back with a new film called Storm Warning that sounds like it may not be half bad.

Upcoming Horror Movies got a look at the poster (created for Cannes), which you can see to your right there, as well as the info that filming on the project wrapped up June 19th. Producer Peter Ford’s blog has a bunch of behind the scenes pics from the movie, and its official site has been set up as well, which right now only features the poster and teaser. There’s no actual footage from the movie in said teaser, just a series of strange images that’s meant to make you curious.

Storm Warning deals with a young couple from Melbourne, Australia who get stuck in a mangrove swamp when their boat has mechanical issues. Searching for a phone, they happen upon an isolated cabin and invite themselves in, only for the cabin’s very displeased residents to come home from a pub shortly thereafter. Mayhem ensues.

Though Blanks’ name may not grab you and make this a “must-see” film, it is worth noting that it was written by Everett de Roche, the man who wrote the classic Aussie animal amok movie Razorback. Yeah, now you’re interested…

Johnny Butane

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