Brutalize the Undead in the New Dead Island 2 Trailer

Brutalize The Undead in The New Dead Island 2 TrailerMorningstars, sledgehammers, chainsaws, and machetes… lots of machetes. The new gameplay trailer for Dead Island 2 showcases the raw brutality of unabashed hate crimes against the undead, delivered in a visceral style that only the Dead Island series can deliver.

Blood… man, that shit gets everywhere! And I mean everywhere. Every cut in this trailer reveals a fresh zombie getting stabbed, slashed, shot, bludgeoned, and stabbed again. Based on this trailer, gamers can expect to be slipping on blood and giggling with delight after a session with Dead Island 2.

Dead Island has always provided players with a hero’s arsenal of implements of sheer chaos, and today’s trailer really gave gamers some fun new toys to look forward to. It’s like a gore-filled Christmas morning. Forget church; there are zombies to decapitate!

Speaking of weapons, the trailer also promises three pre-order bonuses, all of which are in-game weapons that look like slaughter powerhouses: the katana, the classic sword; the home strike, a chain-covered mace; and the grinder, which looks like a weed hacker with engine blades.

No specific release date was given, but the trailer reveals that Dead Island 2 has a tentative release window of spring 2015.

Dead Island 2

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