Top 9 Chilling Chainsaw Kills

Top 9 Chilling Chainsaw KillsMotel Hell is available now on Blu-ray. That information alone should be enough to send horror fans shrieking into the streets to party until the wee hours of the morning. And we here all want to get into the festivities as well.

To celebrate the release of Motel Hell on Blu-ray, we’ve compiled our Top 9 Chilling Chainsaw Kills. Of course this is in reference to the iconic chainsaw scene in the climax of the film. There was something simply unforgettable about Rory Calhoun wielding a ridiculously long chainsaw while wearing a pig head like a Halloween mask. Classic!

But before we get to our top horrific movie chainsaw kills, we have some honorable mentions to share with you. We’ve got to go way back to find some of the earliest on-screen chainsaw kills. We came up with Dark of the Sun (1968) and The Wizard of Gore (1970) for two of the first buzzsaw butcherings. We’ve also got to give recognition to the belovedly flawed chainsaw killing spree Pieces. Chainsaws were just one of the instruments of devastation in Tokyo Gore Police, but Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers was much more specific in its choice of weapons. And finally we give one last shout out to the frozen zombie romp Dead Snow.

And now, on to the Top 9 Chilling Chainsaw Kills.

American Psycho (2000)
Oh, Mr. Bateman, you do have a way with the ladies. But you’ve got to file it away in your memory bank that they don’t like being bitten that hard. American Psycho had some crazy scenes, but none nuttier than the flying chainsaw murder. Sure, the odds of dropping a chainsaw from three flights up and actually hitting a moving target with a hit direct enough to kill is probably pretty slim, but this was so cool that we’ll gladly suspend our disbelief and buy the fact that Patrick Bateman was one damn accurate chainsaw sniper. Big points for style on this one.

Hatchet II (2010)
As with everything creator Adam Green did with the Hatchet series, he took the chainsaw kill to a whole new level as well. It was not enough for Green to have Victor Crowley kill just one person at a time with a traditional chainsaw. Oh no. In Hatchet II Crowely de-crotches two victims at one time with a chainsaw long enough to cut through a Buick. Catch a glimpse of the devastation in the Hatchet II trailer.

Scarface (1987)
All great chainsaw kills don’t necessarily have to come in horror movies… although, as a rule, that’s normally how it goes. But the chainsaw murder in Brian De Palma’s legendary film Scarface was so intense and powerful you can almost mark it as the moment where Scarface took it to the next level. Not only does the scene have the bloody bathtub chainsaw kill and dismembering that Al Pacino’s character, Tony Montana, is forced to watch at gunpoint while awaiting his turn at the blade, there’s also a brutal gunshot to the head right in the middle of a crowded street in broad daylight. This was an incredible scene that set the tone for all the violence and debauchery that was yet to come in Scarface.

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