Gamescom: Play The P.T. Demo Right Now! That’s An Order!

Gamescom: Play The P.T. Demo Right Now! That's An Order!This is art house horror! This is brilliant surrealism fed hungrily into our favorite genre in a way only Fellini could imagine. Perhaps the biggest gem of PlayStation’s press conference at Gamescom today was announcing the demo for the terrifying, bad acid trip that is P.T.

The trailer shown at the press conference served to intrigue the palate as a talking paper bag warned of separate realities. It is certainly strange enough to garner interest. But the demo is an exercise in pure terror. This thing has everything… atmospheric horror, something is behind you terror, sound design frights, jump scares, and even a bloody fetus in a bathroom sink.

Indeed, there is something here for every type of horror fan.

The demo breaks down into wandering through the hallway of a house, but upon every repetition, things grow a little bit darker and a little more terrifying. The radio sets the scene by reporting on a recent child murder, but as you venture forth again, a devilish voice is warning something is behind you. My hands were shaking at the very palpable fear that permeated out of P.T.

One thing I found to be absolutely brilliant was the extreme sensitivity of the left analogue stick. Just a little touch sends the player hurtling forward. The result is that when you want to slowly creep around a corner, you end up hurtling head first into any horror that may lie in wait.

It’s also rather tricky. To open the final door and move on to the next stage, you must examine a certain item in the play area. The P.T. demo has not even been out for a day, and already the GameFaqs message board is awash in people stuck somewhere in this surrealist hell.

The P.T. demo is available right now in the PlayStation Store under the “New This Week” section. Do yourselves a favor, fright fans, and check out one of the most promising horror titles in years.

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