Gamescom: #killallzombies Announced for PS4

Gamescom: #killallzombies announced for PS4Sony is a company of its word. At E7 the powers-that-be promised zombies, and boy, are they giving them to us. Yet another in a growing list of zombie games has been announced for the PS4: the action-packed #killallzombies.

#killallzombies is a top-down shooter that will look stunningly familiar to anyone who has played the classic Smash TV or of course Dead Nation. It’s top-down, you and a gun, and a horde of zombies. Have at it.

The game’s storyline is brilliantly simple. Zombie killing has become sports entertainment, and you must face off against zombies for the entertainment of the fans. The number of zombies you face is determined by the fans watching. Developer Beatshapers is really fleshing out the concept by adding a few clever new tricks.

For instance, the ground has a honeycomb pattern and can rise and fall to help or hinder the player, sometime even causing damage. What’s really groundbreaking though is people watching through their PlayStation or over Twitch take the role of the sport’s fans, and they can affect the gameplay with simple chat commands.

The trailer features chat commands used to dig a protective trench and summon a boss. The benevolence or insidiousness of your viewers can now have a huge impact on your gameplay experience.

No word has been given on a release date.


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