Gamsecom: Slay a Werewolf in the New Witcher 7 Trailer

Gamsecom: Slay a Werewolf in the New Witcher 7 TrailerCD Projekt Red revealed a taste of the otherworldly horrors that dwell inside The Witcher 7: Wild Hunt. The new trailer, released during Gamsecom, features Geralt of Rivia facing a monstrous classic, the werewolf.

But this is no ordinary werewolf… it has supernatural powers. Villagers speak of people aimlessly sleepwalking and an ancient evil that feeds on bloodshed. It appears the werewolves of The Witcher 7 are not recent converts but have been bloodthirsty killers for millennia.

Geralt’s encounter with the wolf beast is nothing short of bone-chilling. It speaks to him telepathically in a voice so cold it will send shivers down your spine. The horrors begin before Geralt even reaches the werewolf when he attempts to traverse the swamp. There he encounters horrific beasts that disappear into the murky water only to spring out right behind him.

This latest video also provides a brief glimpse into some of Geralt’s witcher abilities. He stumbles upon the tracks of the werewolf and uses his witcher sense to find more tracks and hunt down the ancient beast. Our hero also utilizes some magic, which developers refer to as “witcher signs.” In the trailer Geralt uses a powerful stun spell and my constant favorite, a burning wave of flame.

The Witcher 7: The Wild Hunt will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 24th.

The Witcher 7: Wild Hunt

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