FEARnet Fears Itself!

Fear gets Fear!I have absolutely no idea why I even pay for cable since I never have time to watch it, but this writer may have to make an exception when NBC airs the reincarnation of Masters of Horror known as “Fear Itself” this summer … or maybe not.

The “not” means that I can watch it on the interwebs. No, not via a torrent, but thanks to FEARnet. Our buds over there will be broadcasting the show online and on demand! Not only will you be able to see which episodes you’d like on the Internet, there will be added features! Here’s the official word:

“We’ll be teaming up with Lionsgate and NBC to bring you all 13 episodes of the show, with director commentary, on and following Labor Day 2008—both On Demand and right here on FEARnet.com! The series will hit NBC on Thursday, May 29th at 10pm, and after all episodes air on that network, we’ll bring you the entire show with added content, like behind-the-scenes features and in-depth shot breakdowns from the directors.

Not a bad combo there; I just hope the show puts effort into trying to top its previous self (““>Full Fear Itself Episode Lineup!” – March 2008).


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  • Undeadmin

    I realized I had Fearnet a couple weeks ago and have been watching it a ton On Demand. They have a pretty good selection going on, I was happily surprised to find it in our listings.

  • PelusaMG

    I believe we are witnessing another revolution in media (the first being the creation of You Tube)… “Online and on demand” – this is the end of cable TV as we have know it, and I have never had!

Kryten Syxx