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Event Report: Salute to Supernatural – LA, 2008



Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural (click to see it bigger!)Numerous sci-fi TV shows have been given their own conventions, but the same can’t be said for their horror cousins. Thanks to Creation Entertainment, however, fans of the genre series Supernatural now have a place to congregate to discuss and analyze the show along with meeting its creator and stars.

The LA “Salute to Supernatural” took place this past weekend, March 29 and 30, 2008, at the Marriott Los Angeles Airport with Creation’s typical mix of Q&A panels, fast-paced auctions, a vendors’ room, autograph and photo ops, evening concerts, and a dessert party with the guests. This time they even offered breakfast with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

Things kicked off Friday night with Jason Manns performing in concert. He also did a panel on Saturday and made everyone’s weekend when he confirmed that he and Jensen had recorded the song “Crazy Love” together. Be sure to visit Jason Manns’ MySpace page, where you can download “Crazy Love” and get updates on his tour and album. Two semi-regulars from the series, Frederic Lane (the Yellow-Eyed Demon) and Chad Lindberg (Ash), made appearances that day as well. Both are crowd favorites who fielded plenty of questions and were genuinely impressed and moved by the audience’s knowledge of and affection for their characters. While it’s not related to Supernatural, Lindberg made mention of a very intriguing sounding documentary he’s in called My Big Break, which is basically about him and his former roommates (who included Wes Bentley and Brad Rowe) and their quest for success in Hollywood. He claimed it should cause quite a stir, so here’s hoping it gets distribution and we can see it for ourselves. I’m always up for some good gossip and intrigue about the industry.

Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural (click to see it bigger!)During break times the vendors’ room was the place to be. Posters, pictures, banners, t-shirts, and more were on sale for Supernatural as well as all the other shows Creation works with. That’s where we met Danie from TeamWinchester.com, a Phoenix-based fansite devoted to promoting Supernatural. “Tell Your Friends to Tell Their Friends” is their motto, and it seems to be working since fan involvement helped convince The CW to renew the series for its fourth season. Speaking of fan involvement, the convention also showcased several homemade music video salutes to the show. Clip montages were backed by songs like Tenacious D’s “Tribute” (sung by the person who made the video) and Styx’s “Renegade”. Two of the best were “Ghostbusters” and a “Spamalot” spoof. They were a fun way to kill some time between panels and would make great DVD extras.

Then it was time for Saturday’s main event to commence: Creator Eric Kripke’s Q&A. Garnering a standing “o” from the crowd, Kripke proved himself to be a show runner like no other I’ve ever encountered. He is very much aware of and cares deeply about Supernatural‘s fanbase. The respect was mutual … except possibly in the case of a certain character named Bela. But not to worry. Kripke was short on spoilers but did promise that ultimately the brothers will finally one-up her and that there will be no sappy redemption type ending for the character. For those who might be concerned about feeling shortchanged due to losing six episodes to the writers’ strike, he guaranteed a “bitch of a cliffhanger” for Season 3. Of the four remaining episodes, two will be free-standing and two will relate to the show’s overall mythology. He seemed especially pleased with the upcoming “Ghostfacers”, which puts Sam and Dean in the middle of a reality show. Additionally, he confirmed his five-season plan despite the crowd urging him to go at least seven.

Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural (click to see it bigger!)I’ll say one thing about Eric Kripke: He is a true lover of the horror genre and unabashedly unashamed of his passion. When asked about possibly cutting back a bit on the gore next season, he said hell no, absolutely not! Thankfully, most of the audience agreed and cheered his response. It was the type of reaction I was hoping for but didn’t know if I could expect from those in attendance since about 95% of them were female. Granted, I assumed the majority would be women — Jared and Jensen are pretty darn attractive after all — but I had no idea it would be by such a large margin. Uncle Creepy and I could just about count all the men on two hands … not that he minded of course! It was indeed a unique and gratifying experience to be surrounded by so many thoughtful and intelligent Supernatural soul sisters, all of whom had really done their homework on the show. A lot of stereotypes fell to the wayside this weekend for sure!

Saturday night there was another concert, this time with The Steve Carlson Band. Steve wrote and performed the song “Night Time” used in Season 1’s “Provenance” episode. Be sure to stop by Steve Carlson’s official site for more info on him and his band. After that the Gold ticketholders took part in a dessert party with Lane and Lindberg.

Sunday morning came bright and early at 8:00 AM as the Gold ticketholders again got to enjoy a special perk: breakfast with Dean and Sam Winchester themselves — Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. But soon they were out mingling with the rest of us for photo ops both individually and together. A Jared panel followed for a little over half an hour. He was asked whether he picked the genre or the genre picked him, and happily he expressed that he’s a huge horror fan and is excited about being cast in the new Friday the 13th. As an added bonus for him, since the film’s being shot in Austin (Padalecki is Texas-born), he’ll be able to visit with his family and friends in the area. Uncle Creepy was poised to ask Jared if he could give us any further details on the storyline, only to be interrupted by Jensen, who was up next and anxious to get his alone time with the group. Curses!

When asked what the craziest thing he’d ever done was, Jensen said it was being there, at this convention. Had someone told him when he was 15 that he would be sitting in a room full of women, all of whom he’d just finished hugging, looking up at him adoringly, he would simply never have believed it because it was absolutely crazy. Jared re-joined Jensen on the stage shortly after that, and the two of them spent the next half hour taking more questions, playing up their rivalry for the fans’ attention. Both guys were funny, likable, and a little awed by the enthusiasm directed toward them.

Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural (click to see it bigger!)A recurring theme of the weekend was the possibility of a “body switch” between Sam and Dean at some point in the future, and when the question was brought up to Jensen about how he would imitate Jared, he jumped up and brought down the house with a spot-on impersonation of emo-Sam. From the extras on the Supernatural DVD’s, it’s obvious how great these guys get along, but seeing them in person really emphasizes their camaraderie and affection for one another. We should all be so lucky as to work that closely day in and day out with someone we sincerely like.

After the boys left the stage and signed autographs for a good while, the convention wound down as Steve Carlson and Sandra McCoy (the Crossroads Demon and, as revealed this weekend, Jared’s fiancee) participated in the final panels of the day. Everyone I talked to had a wonderful time and left the “Salute to Supernatural” with some much cherished memories. I must include myself in that group as well. After all, what girl doesn’t want to be the middle of a Winchester Sandwich?

Attendees to the show came from as close as Newport Beach to as far as England, Australia, and China. If you’re kicking yourself for missing it, never fear. You’ll have two more chances this year: June 6-8 in Dallas, Texas and November 14-16 in Chicago, Illinois.

And don’t forget about the LA Fangoria Weekend of Horrors April 25-27, where you can get you up close and personal with George A. Romero, Clive Barker, Sid Haig, Angus Scrimm, Tony Todd, and others! Click here to enter our contest for a pair of tickets to the show.

A big thanks from me and Uncle Creepy to Monica, Amy, Adam, and the whole Creation team for your help and hospitality. See you all soon!

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Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural (click to see it bigger!) Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural (click to see it bigger!) Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural (click to see it bigger!)

Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural (click to see it bigger!) Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural (click to see it bigger!) Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural (click to see it bigger!)

Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural (click to see it bigger!) Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural (click to see it bigger!) Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural (click to see it bigger!)

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Armageddon’s Will Patton Joins Blumhouse Halloween as a Police Officer



It was just the other day that we let you guys know that filming on Blumhouse’s upcoming sequel to John Carpenter’s classic Halloween had kicked off in South Carolina.

And today we have news via The Tracking Board that yet another major member of the cast has been set with Will Patton joining Blumhouse’s Halloween as a police officer. Patton is a name you may recognize from such films as Armageddon, The Punisher, and The Puppet Masters.

No further details are known regarding Patton’s role at this point, but we will make sure to keep you guys up to date on any and all Halloween news as we hear it!

How excited are you for Blumhouse’s upcoming Halloween sequel from Danny McBride and director David Gordon Green? Let us know below!

Blumhouse’s Halloween hits theaters October 19, 2018.


Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

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An Early Draft of Halloween 6 Has Been Released And It’s… Interesting



When Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers premiered in 1995, audiences weren’t particularly enamored… Between the convoluted story line and the numerous rewrites and production cuts, only the most ardent of Halloween fans could be satisfied. Not to say the film was a complete failure — many have warmed up to its charms in recent years, praising the cast and cinematography, as well as for featuring the last great performance from the late Donald Pleasence.

But Halloween 5 and its cliffhanger ending had created many unanswered questions that would be left up to H6 writer Daniel Farrands to address. Who was this mysterious Man in Black? Why did he assist in Michael’s escape? And why do both characters share the same tattoo of an ancient rune symbol, which had not appeared in any of the prior films? With this kind of baggage, it seems Halloween 6 was doomed from the start.

But before Farrands was signed on to write, another script was considered. Penned by Phil Rosenberg, this draft, had it come to fruition, might’ve also been directed by Evil Dead II writer Scott Spiegel… In an interview with Fangoria, Spiegel spoke of this draft as well as of his meeting with Halloween producer Moustapha Akkad. “[Moustapha] was pretty cool. He had some reservations about me, but finally he said, ‘Ok, maybe we’ll use you to do a polish on a script that we’re considering, and then maybe we’ll let you direct it.’ When I read the screenplay, I said, ‘Oh boy.’ It reminded me of a Friday the 13th movie and presented Michael Myers as a homeless person. It was really unfocused and corny, and I just didn’t understand what this homeless element was about.”

As we know, both Spiegel and Rosenberg were dismissed from the project… and despite being a serious contender at one point, a displeased Akkad reportedly tossed Rosenberg’s draft across the room. Spiegel continued, “I really was relieved. The script that we were going to shoot at the time was going to be hard to overcome. And my feeling was that I didn’t need to be the one to make a crummy sequel to what had been a decent series of films.”

Damn… how bad can this script be? Luckily, we just found out! Rosenberg’s draft was recently sold to a fan on eBay, who was gracious enough to share with us! Below, we provide a brief overview… or if you feel compelled, you may read the script for yourself to see what could’ve been Halloween 6!

Titled Halloween 666: The Origin, this draft follows Dana Childress, a young news reporter from Chicago whose dreams are plagued by the midwest’s most notorious serial killer — Michael Myers. With a news crew in tow (including her interest Robert Clifton), Dana reluctantly travels to Haddonfield to get the scoop on the town’s first Halloween celebration in five years. Sound familiar?

It just so happens that original Halloween survivor Tommy Doyle is also at the forefront of this script — here, he is presented as a 29-year-old outcast, obsessed with the boogeyman that tormented his youth… newspaper clippings of Myers’ crimes adorn his walls. That’s… coincidental; another element that made it to the screen (but had first appeared in Dennis Etchison’s Halloween 4 draft, which you can read here).

And yes… Michael Myers is now homeless. He sleeps in dark alley ways and can openly walk through a shelter… Interesting. While Tommy advocates for the ban on Halloween, Dana and Robert venture through the town, making a pit stop at the former home of Lindsey Wallace — another child who survived Michael’s first rampage. She doesn’t appear in the script, having moved to New York after years of therapy… but her parents still reside in the house where Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) discovered the bodies in the original film. Informing the group they were once associates of the Myers family, the couple invites the news crew inside.

While watching home video footage of young Michael, Dana becomes alarmed… his grandmother bears a striking resemblance to her own. Both women also possess the same figurine of a bronze-masked soldier with a spear (a good luck charm in the lore of Samhain?) And with that, the implausible revelation that Dana is Michael’s sister takes shape… This feels rather contrived, with many fans having already lamented the decision to establish a relationship between Laurie and Michael in Halloween II.

Undeniably, the most outlandish aspect of this draft is the virtual reality element… You see, Tommy possesses a VR program — described as a “high tech Ouiji board” — that allows one to see within the netherworld… Taking a few notes from the 3D finale of Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare(?), this concept would allow Tommy and Dana to witness flashbacks of the early Samhain festivals, as well as how the Myers family came to be cursed after defying the Gods… Maybe I’m simple minded, but this seems far more confusing than what ended up on screen. Read for yourself and see what you make of it… (although I do feel compelled to reveal that Judith Myers’ desecrated grave is the portal into this netherworld).

It’s an ambitious script alright… one in which the initial setup might’ve had me for a few earlier sequences. Aside from the confusing Samhain and virtual reality elements, Michael also seems to be exploited for comic relief… For example: To reach his targets, our beloved psychopath would’ve been shown as needing to stand on a toilet commode to break through the ceiling… and this is after he shoves a kissing couple out of the bathroom and slams the door shut. To boot, few seem worried about Myers’ return as most are oblivious (and typically laugh off his presence). Because of this, there’s only a few scenes that might warrant real tension. The kills are equally all over the place; at one point, Michael shoves a rat down the throat of a Droog-costumed frat boy. Later, he kills a hockey masked party-goer through use of a beer bong and copious amounts of alcohol…

Regarding those loose ends created by Halloween 5, the Thorn tattoo isn’t explained and there’s only one or two references to the Man in Black character; enough to reveal the identity which should come as a nice shock to fans… It’s Father Carpenter! If this name doesn’t ring a bell, that’s because it’s supposed to be the Reverend Sayer character from Halloween 4… here, he is played up for the creeps in a role that I couldn’t help but correlate with Henry Kane from Poltergeist II. Also returning is Ben Meeker, the former sheriff of the previous two films. Like Tommy, he is dismissive of the town’s newfound willingness to celebrate the holiday.

Unfortunately, Dr. Loomis only appears in one scene. He resides within the mental ward of a hospital, possibly by choice considering the phrasing — the good doctor who spent years treating Michael is now back where he started, albeit in a different position… An inspired decision! But here, he simply “passes the torch” to Tommy and this is the last we see of him. Seems like a wasted opportunity.

A notable character who doesn’t make any real appearance is Jamie Lloyd, who, after serving as the protagonist of the previous two films, is simply said to be MIA. We are, however, treated to a brief glimpse of Myers’ niece in the form of a series of rapid shots during the Samhain/virtual reality segment: Surrounded by scattering rats, Jamie screams as she is trapped in a cage made of human bones.

While I’m not in love with many elements of this script, I do think following a news reporter as she travels to Haddonfield would’ve made for a nice starting point. I’ve only given a basic overview so I’d encourage any Halloween fan to read the script for themselves.

Furthermore, I think the existence of this draft (and its criticism among fan circles; my own included) captures the limitations of what a Halloween film is allowed to do. In comparison to the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street sequels, the Halloween films have suffered from a creative bankruptcy due to the fact that the original film was grounded in reality. Stray too far and you face the risk of pissing off the fans that would prefer a safer, more traditional route — a sequel/reboot that might amount to nothing more than a reiteration of the original (a film far too simple to really merit a continuing story line unless new ideas are developed). A few months back, I posted an interview with Robert Harders, who shared his original take on Halloween 5… I thought his ideas were great and could’ve made for a unique yet still satisfying entry — however, most fans seemed dismissive.

I do not believe this draft of Halloween 6 should’ve been the way to go… and as hypocritical as my think piece sounds, this upcoming film should be all the more stronger for only referencing the original (in all of its simple glory). But, as with H20, this upcoming film has a hook; and that is Jamie Lee Curtis’ return — that aspect should elevate the story tremendously, but without her presence we’d be back at square one. I would love to see a modern version where Michael stalks babysitters without any references to the previous films… but after that?

Are we limited to tropes such as Halloween… but in a hospital? Halloween… but during an early winter storm? Halloween… but this time, Michael fixates on a male? I guess so… and these are all worthy ideas, might I add… but how long can this series really last? Another forty years? Could the reboot open the doors for Seth Rogen and James Franco Meet Michael Myers? Will the series experience a creative renaissance down the road… in line with the Frankenstein entries released by Hammer Films in the ’70s? The possibilities could be endless… even involving virtual reality perhaps?

With the idea in mind that a fan might become burnt out by watching the same rehashed material, perhaps it’s best that we’ve endured almost ten years between films… When considering this Halloween 6 draft, I think we should be aware of how difficult it can be to create a fresh and groundbreaking entry that would warrant the creator’s time… as well as proving satisfying to all… or most… or even a portion, if lucky. In any case, the upcoming film looks to please and we need not worry for now.

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Sulphur for Leviathan to Haunt the Festival Circuit



Last year’s The Temple of Lilith will be receiving a thirteen minute companion piece in the form of Sulphur for Leviathan. Read on for more.

From the Press Release:
Sodom & Chimera Productions has debuted the first trailer and new stills for Sulphur for Leviathan, the 13 minute companion piece to last year’s The Temple of Lilith.

Sulphur for Leviathan is the newest blending of arthouse and horror from experimental filmmaker James Quinn, who proudly stated, “Sulphur for Leviathan is a film that started out purely as an idea of rage. An outcry of anger against the anti-rationalism of the Catholic church, in this case not the more widely discussed controversies such as reoccurring cases of pedophilia and abuse, but rather the many moral codes they like to preach, like the commonly known ‘turn the other cheek’. While that may sound like a rather aggressive reason for a film, it is in its essence nothing but a piece of food for thought, intended to raise some questions about tough moral decisions that would be executed in a vastly different way outside of the religious concept.”

Sulphur for Leviathan stars Susan M. Martin as The Nun, known for Plank Face and Space Babes from Outer Space, as well as Jerry Larew as Lucifer, widely known for his portrayal of Alfie in the She Was So Pretty films. Other roles include Craig Long as Satan, and Joseph Knapik, head of the Columbus Zombie Walk, as a demon priest.

The score was created by composer Leanna Primiani, who recently worked on the award winning horror short The Daughters of Virtue. The film also features music by the band Come to Grief, a Doom/Sludge Metal band from Boston, whose song Killed by Life was used for the end credits.

Sulphur for Leviathan revolves around a nun, who suddenly finds herself progressively fantasizing about things that shouldn’t be in her head, increasingly having to face her own doings of blasphemy, all leading up to something demonically dark and sinister. Portrayed in a surreal manner both in color and black and white, with a heavy focus on elegant cinematography, the film tells a satanic tale of unfulfilled desires, lust, blasphemy and existential dread, packed in a controversial and disturbing, but calm and poetic experience that is heavily inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky, with a touch of satanism.

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