Help Get Fright Night an SE!

Johnny & Tom Holland!I don’t necessarily know that these online petitions for special edition DVDs work, but they sure can’t hurt. The one thing that prevents a studio from putting out re-released SE’s of any DVD is their concern no one’ll buy it, so if they see fans clamoring for an SE of, for example, Fright Night, maybe they’ll finally make it happen.

Enter Fright Night Focus, a new site and MySpace page dedicated to getting fans to march behind ‘em on a campaign to finally give Tom Holland’s horror/comedy masterpiece Fright Night the special edition it so rightly deserves! Rob over at Icons of Fright brought it to our attention, and you can bet your ass we signed that sucker right quick! Hell, even director Tom Holland (pictured here with me at Fear Fest) gives it his seal of approval.

Check out the Fright Night Focus blog and make friends with them on MySpace and hope this whole thing does work so we can finally get rid of the insulting bare-bones DVD that’s out now…

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • MidnightTide

    I would like to get FRIGHT NIGHT 2 on DVD – damn thing is hard to get ahold of.

  • Terminal

    I could without Fright Night 2, but I’d definitely enjoy a Fright Night SE. As for this petition? Nah. I’m sick of them. They’ll give us an SE when they want.

  • saturation

    I’d like a box set with both Fright Night and Fright Night Part 2, uncut and widescreen (i’ve never seen Part 2 in it’s correct ratio), commentaries and featurettes. Too bad Roddy is no longer with us, some anecdotes from him would of been gold.

  • Caine Is Able

    Hey, it worked for The Monster Squad, so why not this one too? Count me in! Both this and Night of the Creeps most definitely deserve special editions!

  • frank_dracman

    I remember we did one for Return of the Living Dead a while back, and look what we got! True, I don’t know if the online petition had anything to do with the release or not, but I’m willing to try again with this one. Thanks for the info, would LOVE to have a SE Fright Night. Funny, we just watched it last week.