Celebrate Mother's Day with Horror's 11 Most Memorable Moms

Edith "Mama" Brennan (Javier Botet in Mama)
A film that portrays just how strong a mother's love can be, Mama illustrates how powerful that love is. A specter of a distraught mother past, Mama is out to replace the child she lost and is willing to cross the lines between the living and the dead to do so. She's one of the scariest mothers on this list. Mama builds to a crescendo as we learn just who this mysterious mother creature is.

Norma Bates (Legendary Psycho horror character and Vera Farmiga in "Bates Motel")
"Why she wouldn't even harm a fly." Norma's classic quote spoken through Norman at the end of Psycho perfectly ties up everything in the groundbreaking film. More recently, Vera Farmiga has resurrected Norma Bates in the popular A&E television series "Bates Motel". Farmiga does a great job breathing life into the iconic matriarch in this television series that has viewers riveted to their TV screens to see just how things are going to work out for this strange mother-son pair.

Pamela Voorhees (Betsy Palmer in Friday the 13th)
Of course Pamela Voorhees tops this list. Pamela, the original hater of drug use and fornication amongst camp counselors, decided to take matters into her own hands to avenge the death of her boy, Jason, as the teens who were supposed to be watching him swim were screwing and smoking weed while Jason drowned. Her vengeful nature helped tie together a story that kicked off one of the longest running and most lucrative franchises in the history of horror movies. Not bad. Check out the moving tribute to Pamela Voorhees below featuring "My Immortal" by Evanescence.

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No love for the alien queen from 'Aliens'? She's had more kids than any of these ladies.

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