Sweeney Goes Steel, Too

Sweeney Todd steelbook edition!After reporting just the other day about FYE/Suncoast getting an exclusive edition of Cloverfield encased in steel (““>Cloverfield’s Crushed DVD” – March 2008), it’s not too surprising that it won’t be the only flick getting the treatment in the coming weeks.

IGN learned that Sweeney Todd will be available in a steelbook edition exclusively through FYE/Suncoast, but they’re not the only ones getting something special; if you purchase the DVD at Best Buy, you’ll find yourself with two tickets to see Carter Smith’s The Ruins, and Costco will have a very cool limited edition set that will include the film’s official companion book. Finally, Borders will have a Sweeney Todd set that comes with an abridged version of the aforementioned companion.

Personally the Costco deal sounds like the best one to me, but I can’t help loving the steelbook packaging. Ultimately the decision is yours, good luck and god speed!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Kryten Syxx

    The FYE and Suncoast stores around here all closed with the exception of maybe two on the furthest fringes of Tampa. No one wanted to pay their high prices when Wal-Mart and Target were cheaper. I really doubt the whole steel-box thing would draw a lot of people in to pay close to $30.

  • Terminal

    So I assume people will be also making the obligatory comment about how poorly it did at the BO and this steel case it to gauge money for its losses. I STILL want to see this movie. Tim Burton’s flicks are so hard to get ahold of these days for me.