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Bud Bundy, Serial Killer?



David Faustino killsSometimes you read about an actor being cast in a role and you wonder what the hell the filmmakers were thinking. For example, when I read there was a new movie about the infamous Boston Strangler starring David Faustino, best known as Bud Bundy on “Married With Children”, I immediately thought we were all being punk’d. Nope, it’s for real.

Michael Feifer’s The Boston Strangler is an intense true-crime thriller about Albert De Salvo, a wise cracking, small time criminal with an unrelenting sex drive, who ultimately falsely confesses to being the strangler that wreaked havoc in Boston during the early sixties. Guided by his manipulative cell mate, who knows more about the murders than he reveals, they devise a plan to gain all of the notoriety from the killings and the money from the reward. Meanwhile, Detective John Marsden, searches out the truth certain that they were not committed by one man. Fighting the bureaucracy of the day, Marsden lets his emotions get the best of him as he follows the trail of the murders.

Ah, I see now. Faustino, all 5’3″ of him, isn’t playing the actual Boston Strangler – just the guy that confessed to the crimes who many to this day doubt was the real killer. Okay; that I can swallow. Kind of funny that the guy who played Bud Bundy would get cast in this role; if you look up a photo of the real-life Albert De Salvo you’ll see he looks a bit like a younger Ed O’Neil.

Filmmaker Michael Feifer is no stranger to making movies about true-life killers as he’s previously brought us Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield and Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck. He’s also no stranger to odd casting choices; he did cast “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” star Corin Nemec as mass murderer Richard Speck, after all. Corin Nemec will also be co-starring alongside Grandstrangler B in The Boston Strangler, as will the great Andrew Divoff in the Detective Marsden role.

Movies Unlimited lists The Boston Strangler as hitting DVD shelves on July 22nd. They do no list what, if any, extras will be included or even what company is releasing the DVD. More than likely Lionsgate since they’ve released Feifer’s last couple films.

Now can I get a “Whoa, Bundy!”?

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Witness the Evolution of Jason Voorhees in New Animated Video



I love Jason Voorhees.

And what makes Jason my favorite of all horror movie villains is that, unlike Freddy, Michael, and Leatherface, Jason has evolved a f*cking ton over his cinematic lifespan.

Changing from a bald kid in a lake, to a backwoods butcher with a love for potato sacks, to an unstoppable zombie force, Jason has come a long way, baby. And today’s animated video is all about celebrating Jason’s evolution in a fun, informative way.

Do you have any “non-horror” friends that are interested in the story of Jason but will never watch the films with you? Then here is the cute widdle video from Tell It Animated just for them. You’ll enjoy it too.

You can give the fun video a watch below and then let us know what you think!


Jason Voorhees has changed a lot since his first appearance in Friday the 13th. From skinny child to hockey mask slasher to rebuilt space Jason and back again, this video goes through his progression.

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Exclusive: Uncrossing Rock Out in Get It From Me



Alright rockers, we’ve got something just for you here! Today, we’re happy to premiere “Get It From Me” from new rock group Uncrossing, which features Activator guitarist Jared Drace! The track comes from the band’s upcoming self-titled EP and it’s a moderately paced, sludgy, doomy track that features strong female vocals. If you’re in the mood for something to get you through the rest of today until the weekend hits, head on down and hit ‘Play’!

Drace tells Dread Central, “Musically, this was a fun one to come up with just because it’s a total mish-mashing of influences, well of MY influences at least. I mean there’s a solid Type O Negative-style chug for the verse and an outro riff that has a kind of Tool-vibe to it, and that’s not even mentioning the melodic beer commercial-like solo in the middle which is definitely a side-effect of listening to too much In Flames & Arch Enemy in my youth! But assembled together and with everyone putting their own stamp on it, we get something that ends up sounding like an Uncrossing song.

Uncrossing’s self-titled 3-track EP will be available for streaming and free download on February 9. You can follow the band on Facebook or Instagram.

If you want to check out the band, you can see them on February 10 at Lucky 13 in Brooklyn, NY.

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Exclusive: Venture Into Black Mirror’s Black Museum With Cristobal Tapia de Veer’s “We Got a Miracle”



One of the most anticipated shows to premiere last year (really late last year) was Netflix’s fourth season of Charlie Brooker’s “Black Mirror”. The show has amassed a dedicated following who voraciously devour each new morsel whenever the opportunity presents itself. For those who are eager for a new and different taste, we’ve got something rather special for you today!

Below is an exclusive stream of “We Got a Miracle”, a composition by Cristobal Tapia de Veer (The Girl With All the Gifts) for the “Black Museum” episode. Dark, brooding, and hypnotic, the muted opening enters a tribalistic rhythm with a muted piano piercing the pulsations with staccato stabs. Ghostly vocals hover later on, specters that appear briefly before fading quickly into the darkness. The track builds upon the tribal drums and enters the realm of dissonance without becoming offensive to the ears, culminating in a moment of near ritualistic worship.

The beginning, discovering the Black Museum, that was going to set the tone for the rest of the show,” explained Tapia de Veer. “The music morphed in many ways throughout the 3 stories, then goes back to where it started with the Black Museum, although with a sense of accomplishment, but also a sense of doom.

Black Museum is available as a digital download through Lakeshore Records’ Bandcamp.

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