Cloverfield’s Crushed DVD

Special Edition Cloverfield DVD(click to see it bigger!)We’re still not sure if the monster rampage flick known as Cloverfield (review) will be making a debut on Blu-ray this April 22nd, but we just found out that there will be something else emerging with the regular DVD.

IGN uncovered plans for an exclusive “crushed steel-book case” release of the film that will only be available via Suncoast and FYE stores. The box’s contents are still a secret, but more information should pop up soon.

The standard edition of the film already boasts a good amount of special features (““>Cloverfield DVD Date, Art, Specs!” – March 2008), but creature feature freaks will probably want a good bang for their buck. There should really be no shortage of material to make the Cloverfield DVDs memorable, but we’ll have to wait and see what if the steel-book will deliver.


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