David Giuntoli on Grimm's Deadly Finale, What Nick Would Do in His Downtime, the Undead in Portland, and Much More

David Giuntoli on Grimm's Deadly Finale, What Nick Would Do in His Downtime, the Undead in Portland, and Much More It's been such an intense Season Two. Even going into the mid-season finale so much happened. So what could possibly happen for the season finale of this season? Could we see a Nick and Juliette reunion? What about Adalind's baby? Maybe Nick's mom will return? Is there anything you could tell us?

All three of which are very much on the table. You could definitely see a Nick and Juliette reunion. And again, in "Grimm" fashion they love tearing people apart and bringing them back together, and who knows how hard they're going to make that for Nick and Juliette?

What you will be seeing that I haven't spoken about yet is a lot of… we deal with the undead in a way that's really never been approached before -- in very typical "Grimm" fashion. So zombies, quote unquote, will be coming to Portland.

And I would also say [regarding] the cliffhanger of this season, I don't know how the writers are going to get themselves out of this corner that they've painted themselves into -- one of the cast may not live through the finale.

Being renewed, congratulations on that again. Is it nice to have that comfort level to know that you don't have to kind of wait around to hear about that? Do you guys find you're more settled into your characters this season from last season knowing that you have a long run ahead of you?

Yes, you know, I speak with other people who have been on shows that have lasted for several years, and there is a typical psychological arc that takes place or phases that you go through the first season. You're really concerned with the acting. You don't quite know what the show is in the beginning, and so that forms underneath you. And everybody kind of starts to gel together by the end of the first season and the second season. But there's always an energy of - it's being spent on just wondering how long this will last. And you're whole personal life -- am I going to live in Portland? For how long?

And now it's to a point where we kind of know we'll be there for a while. So it's very comfortable. And there's a lot more room to play with the characters because a lot less anxiety is involved in our actual lives.

Grimm Episode 2.19 - Endangered

So do you have a favorite scene or storyline in the episodes that is going to be coming our way in this last month?

That's going to be coming your way... Something about Season Two that I've really loved and going into Season Three that I'm going to continue to love is more and more of the main characters are in the know sort of speak, which means that certain characters can interact that wouldn't have during much of Season Two, all of Season One. And it brings a fresh, lovely dynamic to scenes where I'll be in a room with, say, a completely new group of actors and watching them interact. And there's comedy to be found in it when someone is learning the ropes of the "Grimm" world for the first time. I really enjoy those scenes where we all get to spend the whole day together. I really do enjoy the moments of levity in the dark world of "Grimm.: And there was a scene in particular that played in the "Volcanalis" episode where Russell Hornsby's character, Hank, went on vacation.

It was so - it was almost out of another show like an "Ally McBeal" episode. But it was very fun. It was fun. And here's a fun bit of info. That scene was written in reaction to Russell in real life snapping his Achilles tendon. So he can't walk, and we had to somehow keep him in a chair and get him off of the show for two episodes so he can get surgery. So this is some of the behind-the-scenes info that I always find very interesting. People ask things, and I'm like yes, Russell tore his Achilles tendon while watching the Super Bowl -- literally. And sober as a judge.

So he's going to be out of the next episode as well then?

Two episodes and then he'll come back.

Did that cause a problem with the storyline at all?

No problem really. Just a couple of things had to be tweaked. I'll do a little more working with Wu, with Sergeant Wu, which was really fun and a pleasure to get to work so much with Reggie Lee. He is just a phenomenal actor. So it shook things up for a little while. But I think it was fresh and really wonderful. And Russell I think is fully repaired at this point.

What other character if you weren't playing Nick would you like to play?

Oh, boy. Someone with like a glandular problem because I want to eat whatever I want to eat. I just want to be a slob. I would… you mean what character on "Grimm"?

Oh, my gosh. I can't say Juliette because that'd mean I want to kiss myself.

I would say - boy, I mean Monroe would be fun, either Monroe or Wu. It'd be fun to kind of live in that world for as long as I could handle it.

Are we ever going to see or hear anything about Grimms in the rest of the country, the rest of the world?

Honestly, not as of yet that I know of. You would think that does have to become a storyline at some point - are there only a couple Grimms left, and are there just a lot of little Santa's little helpers out there who are Grimm-like. I don't quite know. The only Grimm that they really currently want to deal with is me. Because they know that I have one of the keys.

As far as the Royals are concerned, they know I have one of the keys. And that's why they even care about me at all. So who knows? That's a good question.

Looking at Season Two, have you found any new acting challenges with playing the Nick character? And how did you see Nick sort of grow and develop in Season Two also?

Yes, [in] Season Two Nick was written as a little more accepting of his role. In a way Nick went through the stages of grief of finding out that he was a Grimm and the loss that that would entail with Juliette, revisiting why his family is no longer with him. You know, a lot of lies had happened in his life systematically, and he found out about it all kind of at once. So he was in denial [with] anger toward it, befuddlement, you know. And finally I think he's kind of accepted it, and throughout Season Two he's owning it now. So it's more fun to play -- as far as I'm concerned -- a very confident guy who's coming into his own and becoming more of a -- I'd say -- force to be reckoned with in the Wesen world. So it's been really fun to play that.

I love the Nick and Monroe relationship, and I love the fact that they've become roomies this year. And the chemistry between you and Silas on the screen is just great. Can you talk a little bit about that relationship, how you've seen that develop - further develop this season? And what maybe you enjoyed most about that relationship.

I think Silas put it best. He said, "Everybody has seen the cop and partner relationship, the detective and his wife or girlfriend relationship. There are a lot of dynamics that have been played out and some really well and some not so good. But in our show we have the detective and this thing which is Monroe. It's a totally different thing. And it's been such a pleasure to work with Silas and have this wonderful dynamic that plays out on screen. The writers have done a very good job with that.

As far as the relationship and how it's grown, I'd say we were always reluctant. We allied in the first season. But he could always turn into a creature, and I could always behead him. And this season we are more, I'll just say friends. You know, he's housing me in his attic for God's sake. And I love the relationship he has now with Bree Turner -- Rosalee. And I believe in this next episode ["Endangered"] there's a funny scene where I perhaps walk in on a moment I shouldn't have walked in on. So that's fun to play with.

Grimm Episode 2.19 - Endangered

How do Wesens recognize you as a Grimm? What's a Grimm face look like to them?

It looks like my face, believe it or not. Truly. They don't see anything aside from they are not used to having their emotions in check. Because human beings, non-Grimm human beings, cannot see them. And then when they see someone reacting to this or they sense someone knowing what they're going through and watching them change, they're on to me. And they've learned from a young age through their storybooks about Grimms and how evil we are and, you know, almost like we're this supernatural thing that may or may not exist. They've been told by their family, their parents, and their grandparents about us. So when they actually see them, it's like they're seeing a ghost, but not literally. But they can't believe that one actually really exists.

I think you hinted about Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio coming back as your mother, Kelly. We've wondered when that was going to happen because she still has those coins. And she faked going into the station. So she's been hanging around Portland a long time. What's she up to?

Well, I think she stole a car at the station. And I think she was just pretending [to leave], in my head when I saw that, which was a great scene...she just didn't have a train ticket because she's like, why [do that] when I can just rob someone or steal this car and go? But I do believe she is dealing with [things] right now. And I believe in the coming episode on Tuesday -- unless I'm wrong and it was in another episode -- there's communication with her. And I believe that that in "Endangered" if I'm not mistaken.

Now I was just on Facebook and they had a little ad that said, "What is a Grimm?" Is that going to be answered in "Endangered"?

What is a Grimm… is that going to be answered tomorrow? I think we learn a little bit more about what a Grimm is every couple of episodes. I don't think this episode coming up… First of all, forgive me. I know what's happening on our show. I just don't know when it gets billed out. You know what I mean? I watch it all the time. I usually don't watch it on Friday nights. I usually watch it well before that. But certain storylines I know exactly what happens; I just don't know in which episodes what happens in that storyline. So I don't know if it's "Endangered," but we do… the Captain will be giving me a stern Captain-esque lecture as to a little bit about my history and the Royals and why they want me in particular. In this coming episode I know we're going to be seeing something very paranormal - I want to say almost "X-Files"y that is not a standard Grimms fairytale and almost like we're dealing what people on the Earth think are aliens. But we tell you what they really are -- the real explanation for them.

Which Grimm story has not yet been told that you are really pulling for the writers to tackle next season?

The sausage and the fork go to town (laughs). No, I actually don't know. I feel like we've hit all the classics. And every time I see a new Grimms fairytale I'm almost learning about it as we go through the season. What I do really enjoy now about our show is the fact that we're kind of straying from the Grimms fairytales.

And remember in the lore of our show -- in the world of "Grimm" -- there are only Grimms fairytales because they've been written about in a book. Now certain things that have not yet been explained, maybe they just haven't been written down yet. So I get to add to that book.

And thus a phenomenon that is heretofore unexplained gets written down in the Grimms fairytales, and it becomes a legend for kids to learn about forever. Was that the most confusing sentence that's ever spoken? In other words, we're borrowing from a lot of lore that's even outside the standard Grimms fairytales. And we are adding it to those Grimms fairytales.