Full-Length Trailer Found in The Pyramid

Full-Length Trailer Found in The PyramidA new anthology film is on its way all the way from Italy, and it's home to many a ghastly horror trope such as zombies, demons, and all-around general mayhem. Read on for the full trailer for The Pyramid.

Written by Alex Visani and Raffaele Ottolenghi and produced by Visani, The Pyramid is an anthology divided into four episodes strictly connected to an infernal object - a bizarre pyramid that came into our world to spread madness, death, and destruction. Much like Hellraiser's Lament Configuration, the pyramid has been passed down from owner to owner over the centuries until the present, when it is found by an unfortunate guy who unwittingly uses it to open a doorway to a series of terrible and unstoppable events.

Francesco Rossini, Emilia Verginelli, Antonio De Matteo, Andrea Napoleoni, Cristina Buoninfante, Raffaele Ottolenghi, Mauro Celaia, Viktorya Tori, Maria Spelta, Jack Gallo, and David Power star.

The Pyramid

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