Creature Triple Feature Sawa, Wawa & Hydra

Creature Triple Feature!Got three quick monster movie news items for you today; one that stars Devon Sawa, another featuring a creature called the Wawa, and the last about the legendary Hydra. It’s almost lyrical sounding.

Originally titled Hunter’s Moon until marketing research dictated such a title was too vague for monster movie viewers so they decided to roll some random title generator dice and came up with the more generic wording combination of Creature of Darkness, the film stars Devon Sawa (Final Destination, Idle Hands, Extreme Ops) as a young man plagued by nightmares in which he repeatedly sees his himself and his friends being slaughtered by a supernatural monster known as The Catcher. His friends attempt to cure him of his recurring nightmares by taking him to a secluded forest (Have these people never seen a horror movie before?) where his dreams indicate to be where The Catcher lurks. Their plan to prove to him that the creature isn’t real backfires when The Catcher turns out to be very real.

Writer-director Mark Stouffer’s creature feature co-stars the likes of Latin singing sensation Fernanda Romero, Blue Crush beauty Sanoe Lake, Fernanda Romera (the unfortunate cornea donor in The Eye remake), and character actor Matthew Laurence. “The Catcher” monster was designed by Jordu Schell, designer of the Reeker creature.

Creature of Darkness is finally nearing completion after major delays. I’d advise heading over to Fangoria to read Stouffer’s amazing account of the behind the scenes turmoil that’s plagued the making of the film. Long story short, having your film fully funded by a Powerball lottery winner is probably not the way to go.

Don’t know why but I just have this wacky feeling I’m going to be watching Creature of Darkness at the 2008 Afterdark Horrorfest.

Creature Tripple Feature!Enough with the Sawa; now comes the Wawa, as in Birth of a Legend: The Story of the Wawa. This new super low budget indie lake monster flick about a creature called the Wawa which from the pic I snatched from AITH would appear to be some sort of big mutant glow worm. In fact, a chap named Avery who tipped me off about the film has told me that it boasts a lake monster formed out of irradiated plastic fishing worms. My guess as to the reason the monster is called the Wawa is because “wawa” sort of sounds like the noise you make when you struggle for words after realizing you’re being killed by a monster formed from irradiated plastic fishing worms – or when you realize you’re watching a movie about a monster formed from irradiated plastic fishing worms. “Wawaaaaaaa?!”

Sweet Tee, Alabama was a friendly town, Family Friendly. But Sweet Tee had a secret. You see, in the Tennessee River that flowed right through the middle of town, there lived some kind of a swamp monster. And it preferred the taste of human flesh over all others. A loser journalist, a burned-out hippie and a brainy scientist chick found themselves smack dab in the middle of this situation… and it was up to them to fix things.

Not only can you rush over to the film’s official website and take a gander at the trailer for this microbudgeted monster mash, you can even purchase yourself a DVD of Birth of a Legend: The Story of the Wawa there as well. I might do so eventually.

I do not expect to see Birth of a Legend: The Story of the Wawa at the 2008 Afterdark Horrorfest, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Brain Damage Films came looking for it.

Finally, how about some news on yet another forthcoming Sci-Fi Channel original movie? Come on; you know you love’em. As the Sci-Fi execs go through their rolodex of mythological, supernatural, and cryptozoological monsters to see which ones they’ve yet to make a Saturday night original movie about, it appears the name of a certain mythological multi-headed snake came up. And thus Hydra was put into production!

From the director of 2004’s DTV monster flick Parasite, the screenwriter of the upcoming Poison Ivy 4: The Secret Society, and the production company that brought us such Sci-Fi Channel original movies as Ogre, The Bone Eater, and (insert sounds of utter revulsion here) Komodo vs. Cobra, Hydra stars George Stults of “7th Heaven” fame as the leader of a team of treasure hunters who run afoul of the mythical multi-headed serpent from Greek lore on a remote island where it has been lurking all this time guarding over the vast treasure they’re seek. Joining him on the ill-fated treasure hunt are Polly Shannon (The Triangle, Harvard Man), Texas Battle (Final Destination 3, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End). Just as long as this proves better than Snake King

Expect to see Hydra on Sci-Fi sometime later this year.

The Foywonder

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  • Gus Bjork

    I would love-absolutely love-to see a documentary on the making of Creature of Darkness. What a great story, especially the wacked lottery winning situation, the unions and all that. Not some tag on making up featurette either. Stand alone documentary.

  • Uncle Creepy

    Bow chica wawa

  • Avery

    THANKS Foy!! The brainy scientist chick in the film “Birth Of A Legend:The Story Of The Wawa” actually gives the monster the name “Wawa” which stands for “West-Alabama-Whoop-Ass”!!The creature is formed by the merging of catfish DNA and irradiated plastic fishing worms!! I swear that I’m not making this up!!

  • RingoJ

    Hell, Birth of a Legend was filmed around here, and I know some of the cast.

  • Rob

    And if all goes well, Cockpuncher will get its own movie.

  • Uncle Creepy

    Seagal plays a character named Cock Puncher in THE UNTITLED ONION MOVIE

  • frank_dracman

    Funniest thing I’ve read all week. But where’s Cockpuncher?

  • Uncle Creepy

    LOL thanks man! Let’s see how quickly that circulates around the web!

  • Rob

    Creepy, that is fucking genius.

  • Uncle Creepy

    The greatest thing about Seagal movie titles is that they tell a story in order of their release!

    Steven Seagal was ABOVE THE LAW, but he was too HARD TO KILL, so now he’s been MARKED FOR DEATH, by Haitians who are OUT FOR JUSTICE. Can he live while UNDER SIEGE? Could you survive while UNDER SIEGE 2? It was time to make an EXECUTIVE DECISION about THE GLIMMER MAN. There’s a FIRE DOWN BELOW and only Seagal, THE PATRIOT could heal the EXIT WOUNDS left in his TICKER. Despite being HALF PAST DEAD, THE FOREINGER who was OUT TO KILL Seagal emerged from THE BELLY OF THE BEAST. His name was CLEMENTINE. Safety was OUT OF REACH for Seagal, but still he walked INTO THE SUN until he was SUBMERGED into the Pacific Ocean by a threat unknown. TODAY YOU DIE yelled Clementine as THE BLACK DAWN rose. But Steven is a MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE, a SHADOW MAN, an ATTACK FORCE all his own! His FLIGHT OF FURY would unleash some cold hard URBAN JUSTICE as he PISTOL WHIPPED the man whose true motivation was to stop filming of THE UNTITLED ONION MOVIE. At this KILLING POINT Seagal prevailed, proving that he is still — THE PRINCE OF PISTOLS!

    To be continued!

  • Rob

    “Birth of a Legend: The Story of the Wawa?” Going on that, it should have been something where Wawa stores are being targetted by a lot of small time thieves and getting robbed and the owner of the company is in some sort of pagan cult and summons a monster to protect the stores.

  • Terminal

    “Creature of Darkness”? Are these the same people who named Segal’s movies? The plot and everything about it sound as hum drum as possible, so I’ll pass. Imagine if it ends up being a masterpiece? Heh.