Gurdian Readyin’ to Raise Hell

GurdianIt’s Easter Sunday; how about a little hellacious movie news to help celebrate the Risen Christ? First-time writer/director Timothy W. White is set to burst open the gates of hell and unleash Gurdian upon us. If only there were some emotionally scarred misfits and a guy who knows kung fu to stop it?
White promises Gurdian to be the ultimate action/horror film. It’s about a small band of misfit construction workers hired to renovate an old house on the outskirts of civilization…

“Josh, a semi-retired martial artist who is searching for a solid and stable future, tries to help his partner Don who is consumed with alcohol and self-assumed responsibility for the disappearance of his younger brother. Susan is a primadona whose daddy bankrolled the company. She’s self-serving, egocentric and a literal ‘pain in the butt’ to Josh. Janet keeps Susan in check and is a detail specialist. She was hired for both reasons. Janet’s attraction for Wally is a distraction. Teddy is large, strong; a bull worker who’s gambling addiction cost him his professional weight lifting and football career. Not only is Wally often caught up in his wagering with Teddy, Wally is a ‘junior’ partner and often unwittingly screws up. This time, it’s due to his team of young friends that arrive to work. Jake, William and Melissa are into loud music, parties, and skateboards. Melissa is the levelheaded one, and a virgin.”

Little do they know that the owner of this house is a 600-year old gatekeeper. Gatekeeper to what, you ask? Well, let’s just say they unintentionally open a certain gate to Hell and unleash a demonic warrior called Gurdian.

“Gurdian is ancient, and the sentinel of a gate to hell, contained behind a wall in the windowless back room of the house. Gurdian stands nearly 8 foot in height. His girth and Atlas-like physique with golden-bronze skin, black eyes, enhance his blonde lion’s mane of blonde hair that barely covers the two protruding small ram’s horns from each corner of his forehead. His voice is deep and reminiscent of broken glass crunching in gravel. His prowess becomes evident as he finds this long awaited access to freedom made readily available when these ‘misfits’ cause the collapse of the wall containing him. Having to confront their own personal psychological demons while constantly verbally battling each other, the crew finds this a mere obstacle when they realize their very human existence has now come into play. They must set aside their differences, unite, and utilize the skills of their trade to battle Gurdian and avoid the trappings of this house that won’t allow any escape.”

William Romeo, currently seen as “Mayhem” on the new “American Gladiators”, will be playing the monstrous Gurdian. Others starring in the supernatural action thriller include Christa Campbell (2001 Maniac‘s “Milk Maiden”), veteran character actor Jack Donner (perhaps best known as “Romulan Subcommander Tal” on the original “Star Trek”), and Shalim Ortiz (“Alejandro” on “Heroes”).

There’s currently an official webpage for Gurdian though there’s nothing there right now except a “coming soon” splash page. For now you’re better off heading to the Gurdian MySpace page if you’re in search of more information. There at least you’ll find a few generic production stills, a few behind the scenes stills, and more plot details from the lengthy synopsis I nabbed those two paragraphs from.

Expect more details on Gurdian to come!

The Foywonder

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