Monster Madness Lives Again!

Monster MadnessOften times a video game will go missing for long periods of time. When it’s a smaller title, you’ll regularly start wondering “Whatever happened to that game?” and all too often, you never hear of it again.

I was beginning to worry that we’d never hear of Monster Madness again, but sure enough the game is still being made, and IGN were able to get a look at the most recent version of the game.

Since it’s been a while, let’s start with a refresher: Monster Madness (due early next year for the XBox360 and PC) in many ways looks to be Gauntlet‘s cool nephew who got into punk music. Four player co op fun is the name of the game as monsters invade suburbia, and you and three other party goers are going to set that straight. Presumably so you can just get to partying.

Like Gauntlet, co-op is Artificial Studios focus, and the game will be playable both online and offline in that fashion, and also like Gauntlet, the perspective is top down.

The graphics may be a bit more colourful and dare I say it, “whacky”, than most games you see on the XBox 360, but when you’re beating your way through zombies, vampires and all other flavour of monsters in an over the top action title, I dare say it fits rather nicely.

More impressions, screenshots and even video, over at IGN!


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Jon Condit