Train’s Uncensored Trailer Chugs In

What is it with all these remakes of films that once starred Jamie Lee Curtis? On that note, what’s with all these trailers today? Good god.

Anyway, Germboy sent us a link today to the uncensored trailer of Train, a somewhat/kinda remake of Terror Train. To me it just looks like Hostel on a Steam Engine … but the gore does look plentiful and promising.

Train, which is in post production and should have an ’08 release, stars Thora Birch, Gideon Emery, Kavan Reece and Gloria Votsis. The pic is directed and written by Killing Floor helmer Gideon Raff.

Be warned this trailer is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, but then again, is anything that we do ever safe for work?

Click below for some tits, ass, violence, and Thora!


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