True Blood's Top 9 Most Shocking Death Scenes

When the wonderful Ms. Charlaine Harris sat down to scratch out the first lines of Dead Until Dark, the first of The Southern Vampire Mysteries that would go on to become the basis for HBO's series "True Blood," there's no way should could have known it was going to go on to become the mega-hit we know today.

However, that is exactly what happened. The book series is just now wrapping up after 13 novels, but "True Blood," the beloved television version of Sookie Stackhouse's adventures with all types of supernatural creatures, is still going strong. When we think back on the sizable cast of the show, we certainly remember some shocking death scenes. Although the show has had its share of peaks and valleys, it certainly never misses a chance to shock its loyal audience, and we recall some of those shocks in this look back at the Top 9 Most Shocking "True Blood" Death Scenes.

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Of course we have to throw a couple honorable mentions out there first: She was one of the original murder victims that really set the tone for "True Blood," Adele Stackhouse (more commonly known as Sookie's "Gran") was in the wrong place at the wrong time when Rene Lenier came to her residence to kill Sookie. He ended up killing Gran instead. Sam Merlotte's brother, Tommy Mickens, got a chance to make some brotherly amendments before he succumbed to his injuries from the hands of the wolf pack. "Eggs" Benedict Tally was the victim of Jason Stackhouse's itchy trigger-finger when Jason misinterpreted Eggs' surrender as an attack on Sheriff Andy Bellefleur. And although her head-twisting sex scene with Bill Compton was even more stunning than her death, Lorena Krasiki's extermination at the hands of Sookie was a thriller!

Longshadow (Raoul Trujillo)
Longshadow was the first shocking vampire death on "True Blood." After Eric Northman enlisted Sookie Stackhouse and her psychic abilities to help him find out who was skimming from the till at Fangtasia, Sookie helped identify bartender Longshadow as the culprit. One thing led to another, and Bill ended up having to stake the pilfering bloodsucker as he attacked Sookie. And thus we were exposed to the first gushy vampire true death on "True Blood," and we learned…the true death ain't pretty.

Godric (Allan Hyde)
Upon hearing legend of Godric, we all expected this ancient vampire to be an insanely ferocious monster. However, he was quite the opposite. Godric was the antithesis of the typical "True Blood" vampires. He was insightful and thoughtful and embraced the idea that vampires and humans could peacefully coexist. Godric allowed himself to be taken into custody by humans, and he met the sun with remorse for a life of violence but as a martyr, hoping his death would spur a movement toward a healing in vampire-human relations.

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