Wrong Turn Contest Winner Results, Director O'Brien Chimes In

Wrong Turn Contest Winner Results, Director O'Brien Chimes InWith our Wrong Turn contest having ended on April 15th, we can announce the winner of the signed Blu-ray copies of Wrong Turn 3, Wrong Turn 4, and Wrong Turn 5 as well as a screen-used full facial prosthetic appliance worn by actor Radoslav Parvanov (Saw Tooth) in Wrong Turn 5!

“I think it would be interesting to see a family member of Wrong Turn 5's Lita team with a group of hired guns to track down Maynard and the cannibals in an all-out war,” said contest winner Matt Cloude, who had weighed in with his thoughts for a potential sixth in the franchise as well as having correctly identified the actor who portrayed Saw Tooth in Wrong Turn 5, per the contest rules.

Commented filmmaker Declan O'Brien, who wrote and directed the last three films, “Congratulations to Matt on winning! I hope we'll see a Wrong Turn 6 in the future, but if you want to get your cannibal hillbilly fix now, you can tune in to Syfy this Saturday, April 20th, as they've programmed a Wrong Turn Marathon!”

Our thanks to O'Brien and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment for helping to facilitate the contest, and our congratulations to Matt Cloude.

Win Blu-rays of Wrong Turn 3, 4 and 5 and a One of a Kind FX 'Saw Tooth' Prosthetic!

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