One-Sheet Premiere: Andrzej Bartkowiak's Beneath the Deep

One-Sheet Premiere: Andrzej Bartkowiak's Beneath the DeepThe world is 70% water. Think about that. There is absolutely no way to know exactly what kinds of creatures have yet to be discovered. Then again... sometimes it's the things that we do know exist that can be the most deadly.

In pre-production now from director Andrzej Bartkowiak and writer Armand Speca comes Beneath the Deep. Check out a lengthy synopsis and the first artwork below.

The Jack Knife is a ninety-nine-foot long floating resort whose Captain, JACK COOLEY, prides himself on knowing all the best secret spots for diving. His crew consists of his brother BILLY, his first mate TOM, and the beautiful GINA, a talented cook who is putting herself through medical school.

Their latest group of adventurers includes a thrill-seeker named JONAH, twin sisters CHRIS and WYNN, newlyweds SARA and SEAN, and a middle-aged bickering couple named EMMET and JILL. The Jack Knife hits the high seas for three days of exotic dives and three nights of partying. In the middle of a session on the water, a pair of sharks threatens the group. While Tom is able to get the divers safely into the boat, Jack finds himself answering harsh questions from Jill about the safety of his preferred diving spots. Meanwhile, another faction of divers pressures Jack to take them to more adventurous and unseen spots. Jack reassures everyone that they are safe and promises to take everyone to a spot with spectacular wrecks ripe for exploration.

The spot is everything Jack promised and more. Sara and Sean sneak away and find an island, which provides them the privacy they desire. A sudden squall rips through the ocean and sends the boat into a remote cove. The boat capsizes, and all of the food onboard is contaminated in the saltwater. With their communications jammed, Jack tries to figure out how they are going to repair the boat, tend to the injured, and get the hell out of the cove.

Before long, they realize they are not alone.

A massive saltwater crocodile attacks Billy. As Gina tends to his wounds, Jack and Tom try to corral the divers into one location. Gina discovers that Billy’s wound is already infected. Jack, who has some experience with saltwater crocodiles, tells her that the beast’s teeth are toxic.

When the group is again attacked, Jack realizes that there is more than one angry crocodile coming after them. A male and a female, protecting their young.

As the crocodiles begin picking off the vacationers one by one, Jack and his crew must come up with a plan to fight back.

“Beneath the Deep” is a pulse-pounding action-adventure story in the vein of “Jaws” and “Jurassic Park.” Director Andrzej Bartkowiak amps up the tension and thrills, delivering a fast-paced story of survival that is sure to excite audiences all over the world.

Beneath the Deep

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