Foycast III: The Search for Schlock!

Foycast III: The Search for Schlock (click for larger image)Prepare yourself for FOYCAST III: THE SEARCH FOR SCHLOCK!

The Foycast returns this month for the most completely random show yet. There’s no particular theme and no particular point – just a whole lot of insane (or inane, depending on your point of view) rambling and recapping. What more could you want?

After kicking things off with what I’m sure you’ll agree is the greatest intro music ever, Uncle Creepy and myself begin by discussing the various illnesses we came down with during the month of February that we’re still suffering the lingering after effects of, such as the coughing fit I was dealing with during the opening minutes of the show that darn near gagged me to death.

(Editors Note: This podcast was taped two weeks ago, but due to many more maladies, illnesses, and other shenanigans, we couldn’t put it live until now. We are now working on the site via plastic bubble. Sorry for the delay) After that bit of pleasantry, we’ll briefly discuss the billions of DVDs Brain Damage Films keeps releasing despite neither of us having seen any of the movies on DVD shelves anywhere. Then the topic turns to my current fixation on failed television pilots. From there “THE SEARCH FOR SCHLOCK” turns into me looking around my bedroom, picking out random selections of cinematic schlock on my own movie shelves, and then telling you and Creepy about them. I’ll tell you about some schlocky must-see disaster, romance, and kung fu movies that are worth tracking down for all the wrong reasons. Things wrap up with Creepy and I trading notes on two “so bad it’s good” masterpieces I sent him that we both agree have flown under the radar for far too long.

Almost one laugh-filled hour of hacking phlegm, midgets in dog costumes, methane holocausts, window sex, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Billy Blanks, the hairiest Italian giant monster of them all, me yelling “AAAARRRRHHHH!!!“, and awe-inspiring theme music. You won’t need an Enterprise or a Genesis Planet to join this search: FOYCAST III: THE SEARCH FOR SCHLOCK!

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    • Permafrost

      Just dl’d this piece of genius… and as the strains of “Flash Gordon” blast my ears, I know I’m in for a fucked up ride.

    • CrimsonKing82

      Fn Brilliant