Prom Night Site Lives

An actual picture from Syxx's prom!Less than a month to go until high schoolers all over the U.S. slip into rented tuxes, expressive wear-it-once dresses and stretched Hummer limos. Ah, it’s such a magical time of the year.

Unless you’re out of school and realize that the whole event was nothing more than an overgrown dance party with a horrible DJ playing only top 40 hits and the required YMCA chaser. Ugh, but enough of that. Let’s focus on the part we’d always wish would happen to spice up our proms … a psycho on the loose!

Sony Screen Gems has opened up the doors to the official Prom Night website! The new site is your gateway to the film’s new promos/contests, trailers and more.


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Mike Phalin

Mike Phalin is a contributing writer, reality television star and engineer.

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  • Terminal

    “You know what? Fuck the kids.”

    Stop thinking like a priest and start thinking like a sensible person, would ya?

  • Chainsaw

    You know what? Fuck the kids. Therre, I said it.

  • Ghoulie

    New Prom Night. I also know this is not made for real horror fans, but if the little snot nosed punks want to see watered down crap then I’m all for it. Mainstream flicks aren’t about quality anymore anyway and I don’t give a rat’s asshole how much CGI is used. Funny thing, HW never used to be so OBVIOUS when they made such shit to make a quick buck. I believe horror was never meant for “everyone” and when someone says how much DISTURBIA scared them, I feel I want to disembowel them with a chainsaw. Hell, they want it, they got it. I just never knew horror would suddenly put diapers on and go from bad ass to just plain shit.

    You may hate me but you don’t pay my bills guys.

  • Terminal

    I’ll be seeing it. Only because I have a crush on Snow that won’t die. And because the original sucked so bad so they can only go up with this right…? Right….? 🙁

  • The Woman In Black

    Oh, give the kids their fun! lol

  • Permafrost

    I know this remake wasn’t made for me (or any of us, really now), but I swear to Christ I will punch the first person who goes to see this and exclaims, “OMG, that was soooo scary!”