Full Moon's Unlucky Charms Will be More Monstrously Vicious than Magically Delicious

Full Moon’s Unlucky Charms Will be More Monstrously Vicious than Magically DeliciousIf Charles Band were a pro wrestler, I’d like to think his entrance music would be Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”. Four new little beasties will be added to his repertoire when Unlucky Charms begins filming any moment now.

Five girls vie for a chance to model diva Deedee DeVille’s fashion line, but they’re soon competing for their lives against four mythical beings, led by the mischievous Farr Darrig. Deedee wants to steal the girls’ souls, but the beings have other plans…

Falling prey to these latest pint-sized predators from the Puppet Master maestro will be Charlie O'Connell (“Sliders”, 2-Headed Shark Attack), Jeryl Prescott Sales (“The Walking Dead”, The Skeleton Key), Anna Sophia Berglund (Playboy Playmate January 2011, “The Girls Next Door”), Seth Peterson (“Burn Notice”, “Providence”), Masuimi Max (xXx: State of the Union, The Devil's Muse), and Nikki Leigh (Playboy Playmate May 2012, Blood of 1000 Virgins).

Now that we’ve met the human characters, allow me to introduce you to the Unlucky Charms.

Farr Darrig: A strange dwarf with a bright red beard. His clothes and hat suggest those of a leprechaun, but not green....instead bright red.

Banshee: An old female hag with straw-like hair and milky-white eyes, dressed in rags, her mouth seeming much larger than it should.

Pookah: A hideous hobgoblin with long sharp claws and wicked needle teeth.

Bloody Bones: A one-eyed cyclops with a necklace of bones not quite stripped of bloody flesh.

Unlucky Charms begins shooting begins this week.

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I'm a sucker for tiny terrors in the Full Moon verse. Can't wait!

Submitted by Terminal on Tue, 04/09/2013 - 1:10am.

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