New Alone in the Dark Trailer!

Alone in the Dark trailer!What’s going on beneath Central Park? How did Edward Carnby end up in modern times? Why can’t every game keep improving this much each time we see it? Will it ever come out?

All these questions are unanswered by the new trailer to Alone in the Dark, the latest in the longest running horror game franchise. The godfather of survival horror wants to reclaim its title and raise the bar for interactivity in games at the same time. I’m really beginning to believe that they might have achieved it.

The graphics are looking really good now (unfortunately the same can’t yet be said for the PS2 and Wii versions), the music in the trailers is awesome and hopefully an indication of the music in the games, and the new Carnby character model just seems somehow right to me.

Check out the awesomeness for yourself over on Gamersyde and get excited for this game all over again. There’s still no official release date, but it can’t be far off now. Check out the curious official website, which has some interesting and true facts about Central Park.


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