The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.16 - Welcome to the Tombs

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.16 - Welcome to the TombsIn tonight's "The Walking Dead" season finale, the two factions went to war. Did your favorite character survive? Were you devastated at the end of the episode? We already knew how many would die tonight. Keep your tissues handy for the recap.

"Welcome to the Tombs" was written by Glen Mazzara and directed by Ernest Dickerson.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you haven’t watched the episode yet. This is a recap with specific details from this episode. Continue only if you have already watched it.

We open with the governor brutally beating Milton for torching his zombies. He then demands that Milton kill a still tied up Andrea, but he can't do it, trying to turn on the Governor instead. But the Governor fatally stabs him and leaves Milton locked in the room with Andrea so that when he turns, he'll have no choice but to kill her.

When we return from the opening, while everyone at the prison was getting ready, Carl put together a bag for baby Judith, filling it with keepsakes like the framed picture of his family that he retrieved from the bar, but he kept Rick's old sheriff badge in his pocket instead. Leaving his cell with his bag, Carl seemed so much older than his age now.

They were all packing up their vehicles when Glenn commented to Rick that he had never seen Carl this mad. As Rick got into his car, he paused to take stock of the prison and saw a pregnant Lori looking down from a walkway above. He just shrugged and got in. Carol approached Daryl as he reminisced that Merle had never ever done what he just did. "He gave us a chance," returned Carol gratefully as she helped Daryl up.

Michonne informed Rick that they were ready. She told Rick that she understood Rick's position about giving her up to the Governor. He apologized. She then thanked Rick for taking her in back when she came to the prison with the baby formula. Rick even got to joke about the baby formula being the deciding factor, but then he attributed her staying to Carl. When Rick finally told Michonne that she was one of them now, she let out a knowing but barely-there smile.

Talking to the now-armed Woodbury soldiers, the Governor vilified Rick and the group at the prison, saying that they already killed 8 men and now won't stop until they kill everyone at Woodbury and take everything for themselves. The Governor wanted to end this war, once and for all.

Tyreese and Sasha interrupted the Governor and begged off the fight, saying that they would not fight other people. Tyreese even volunteered to stay at Woodbury to defend the children and said that they would leave if when the Governor returns he wanted them gone. The Governor handed Tyreese a gun and thanked him before leading the army.

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.16 - Welcome to the Tombs - Carl

Outside the prison, the armed Woodbury convoy arrived and took out the watch towers from afar, as well as the wandering walkers near them. When an enforced truck rammed through the gate of the prison, armed Woodbury soldiers followed in, but there were no signs of Rick and the group. When the truck pulled off the inner metal gate, Allen and Martinez led the charge and pulled the metal door open.

Martinez led the group into the now-empty prison block formerly occupied by Rick and the group. After searching around, the Governor realized that the prison block had emptied out and found Hershel's bible with a highlighted passage about evil and damnation. The Governor was furious. Then he heard noises down a dark passage and went inside with a group.

Andrea called out to a bloodied Milton, who instructed her to retrieved the pair of pliers that he dropped for her earlier. While trying to get the pliers, Andrea promised to get them both out, but Milton demanded that she kill him instead.

Martinez and the Governor, in two separate groups, wandered through the prison's dark hallways looking for any signs of life and got closer to the noises.

Back at Woodbury, Tyreese reported that everything was quiet during his watch. Sasha asked what they would have to do when the Governor returned and Tyreese suggested that they try to slip out the way Andrea did. When Sasha commented about how going to the prison would not have done Andrea any good, Tyreese insisted that he go another another watch instead of Sasha.

Andrea was still trying to retrieve the pliers when Milton got quiet. Afraid that he had died, she braced herself but Milton wasn't dead yet. He asked her why she stayed at Woodbury after she found out about Rick and the prison. She replied that she wanted to save everyone including the Governor. She even confessed that she had a chance to kill the Governor once but she didn't because she wanted to save everyone. She paused for a moment when Milton got quiet again. But he still wasn't dead... yet. He implored her to hurry.

As the Governor and his troops continued with their search, they got interrupted by some flashbombs that started bringing walkers to them, causing mayhem and walker killing. The Woodbury army ran outside into the open right into Glenn's and Maggie's firing range. They were both fully decked out in riot gear. Hershel, Beth and Carl were observing the fight from the woods. Carl insisted that he should be there fighting. Maggie and Glenn continue to attack from above, forcing the Woodbury army to retreat and drive away. After they were gone, Maggie and Glenn stopped shooting and went down.

In the woods, a young Woodbury fighter (Ben?) ran into Hershel, Beth and Carl. When he implored them not to shoot, Carl calmly aimed his gun at the kid and shot him in cold blood.



It was a daring move, I'll give them that. I've never seen a show use a filler episode as a season finale. Can't say that I approve, but hey, at least they finally got rid of Andrea!

Submitted by conundrum on Mon, 04/01/2013 - 4:45pm.
Terminal's picture

Wonderful finale. Sadly they fucked over another favorite from the comics, but I'll forgive that since Tyreese is now a part of the show. Bring on season four.

Submitted by Terminal on Mon, 04/01/2013 - 12:49pm.
aliensharkboy's picture

Andrea has been wasted... this makes me f***ing furious! (and why is it my fave characters always leave a show on the third season?!) Now the governor is gonna remain overly invincible for some extra time and they're gonna start dragging things out again, just like in season 2. I won't stop watching, but I'm personally disappointed and aggravated by some of the choices the writers have made with this show (please don't give me the "they want to make it unpredictable for the fans", because if anything, it's very predictable).

I usually don't hate on this show... this is just a brief, angry Andrea fan outburst.

Submitted by aliensharkboy on Mon, 04/01/2013 - 2:50am.
Screamz's picture

It was an excellent episode. I was shocked at the finale. Did not think that would happen. Good thing I've got the novels and the comics to tide me over until it returns...

Submitted by Screamz on Sun, 03/31/2013 - 11:14pm.

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