First Word on BioShock 2!

BioShock sequel soon!As reported by IGN, during a conference call with investors, Take-Two finally formally announced BioShock 2 to absolutely nobody’s surprise. Still, it’s only fitting that the pencilled in October 2009 release date should be so far off. The original “>BioShock (review) kept a lot of us waiting for a long time, so why shouldn’t the sequel?

The only worrying thing about this report is that 2K Boston, who made the original, isn’t making this one, as 2K Marin has been given the job of making the sequel.

This makes me feel ambivalent … glad that 2K Boston isn’t going to be turned into a sequel farm and that their talents to push gaming in new directions will be used on original titles, but also upset that the people that made the first one so good aren’t involved.

Well, apart from Ken Levine. If you want one person involved, it would be him. The director and writer of the original BioShock (and a host of other brilliant games) will be involved in the sequel; we just don’t yet know how involved.

Hopefully the answer to how involved would be “very involved” … but we shall wait and see.

Rumors keep popping up that BioShock 2 is set to be a prequel telling the tale of the fall of Rapture. Certainly an interesting prospect if true, but we’ll keep watching the seas for more information as it floats ashore. When we know, you’ll know. Let’s hope this one turns out to be as worth the wait as the original was.


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