Fright Night Books, Comics and … Remake?

Fright Night Panel!The last time I heard about a remake of our beloved Fright Night it was set in some kind of amusement park and really didn’t sound like anything in connection with Tom Holland’s classic. Good thing he was at Fear Fest 2 to help clear that up.

Our buddy Rob from Icons of Fright hosted the Fright Night panel and was just as happy as we were to hear that Holland still holds the rights to the name and is considering re-releasing the novelization of the first film and the Fright Night comic books which were published by NOW so many years ago!

As far as the remake goes … it still may happen. There is a light at the end of the tunnel since Tom Holland will be having talks with Sony Pictures soon. Click here to see the rest of the good news.


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Kryten Syxx


  1. What i want to know is when the hell Fright Night part 2 is going to get a new edition on dvd. It’s been out of print for years.

  2. I think the reason this isn’t being derided as much as other projects is because the hope is still there that Tom will have a strong hand in this. I think a lot of people would rather have the actual filmmakers who brought the originals in charge in some way, feeling that the project will retain much of the same vision (although that logic falls under the weight of Carpenter’s involvement with The Fog remake…even though he basically admitted that that was all for a paycheck.)

  3. But will the remake have the same boatload of homoerotic subtext that original had? That’s all I want to know.

  4. Honestly I think the project is mislabeled. If you look back at the NOW comics, they weren’t all about vampires. This new entry into the Fright Night series may have the same feel as the original but contain an entirely new set of creatures and themes.

  5. Tom didn’t really talk about why he’s had such a long break in Hollywood, but this new turn for Fright Night may fix all that.

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