Seven of the Most Deviously Frightful Doctors in Horror Films

Dr. Paul Moreau-The Island of Dr. Moreau
Whether we're talking about the 1977 version of the film with Burt Lancaster as Moreau, the 1996 remake with Marlon Brando in the role or the 1931 classic (entitled The Island of Lost Souls) where Charles Laughton played the character, the bottom line is Dr. Moreau is a troubled individual. Based on the H.G. Wells novel, Dr. Moreau basically created an island community for himself surrounded by manimals, part-human/part-animal (that probably didn't need any additional explanation) beasts he constructed in his lab through vivisection experiments. Moreau rules over the beasts with a set of rules, the most important being that the monstrosities are not to kill, but when one thing leads to another and humans start killing other humans, it comes time for everyone to visit the house of pain…and we're not talking about the fun "Jump Around" House of Pain either.

Dr. Jonathan Crane-Batman Begins
It's not often that we get to work in a Batman villain on one of our lists, but if Dr. Jonathan Crane, aka The Scarecrow, doesn't belong here, no super-villain does. Dr. Crane is hellbent on terrorizing his victims with drug-induced hallucinations. Played in Batman Begins by Cillian Murphy (who was cast as Dr. Crane after not getting the role of Bruce Wayne, which he initially auditioned for), The Scarecrow is contaminating Gotham City's water with a fear-inducing toxin that will allow him to control the people of the city. And speaking of Gotham, why the hell would anyone live there?! If it's not Dr. Crane's fear-inducing toxin, it's The Joker and his Smilex. Honestly, how cheap is the real estate in this city?

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