Language of Fear Goes Mass Market

Language of Fear finally mass market!If I were one to collect rare and hard-to-find books for a hobby, I can imagine I’d be pretty pissed off if a book I spent week or months and likely hundreds of dollars to get into my possession was suddenly just re-issued in an affordable, mass market format. Since I’m not a book collector, though, I’ve got nothing but good feelings for the recent announcement of the reissue of Del James’ The Language of Fear.

We got a heads up today that this highly sought-after collection has finally received a legitimate release as a Dell paperback, after being out of print for almost a decade and a long uphill battle from its author, Del James.

What is The Language of Fear? A collection of some of the hardest horror stories you’re likely to read this side of hell, if the blurbs are to be believed. The new paperback features an intro by W. Axl Rose (yes, that W. Axl Rose), who was inspired by the story “Without You” to make the Guns ‘N Roses video trilogy “Don’t Cry”, “November Rain” and “Estranged”. Fifteen stories about zombie bikers, stoned teenagers, murderous husbands and more make up Language of Fear, and it sounds like it’s a must-own.

Click here to get The Language of Fear through Evilshop and learn more about author Del James at his official site!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • nevy8263

    This book isn’t just great in its genre, it’s just an amazing piece of literatre period. I feel lucky to have one of the first editions. Del demonstrates a tremendous talent for conveying vivid imagery and intense emotion. He taps into that darkest corner of our hearts and minds which we all have, but are too scared to face. Many thanks to the people who made this re-issue happen so that a whole new generation can be introduced to Del’s work.

  • amyl

    I grew up with a Mom that read tons of Horror books and too this day she still makes me sit threw B-horror movies all the time. I am so glad she did!
    If she hadn’t I may have never picked up Del’s book. The fact that this book is filled with short stories is what got my attention. There are not enough of them out there. Not everyone wants to read 500 page books about the same long and drawn out story. Del’s stories are short, sick and twisted. Just the way they should be! If you have a sweet spot for that kind of story Language of Fear is a must!
    I would love to see some of these stories acted out!

  • scarletrowe

    for many years my favorite book hands down, was Stephen Kings NIGHT SHIFT.

    many years later after i had warped my mind and soul with enough vices to kill a herd of elephants…i met this guy named Del.

    and i thought i was weird!
    well he always talked of writing this book and i thought yeah yeah…

    flash forward years later…

    i’m arrested and sentenced to six months in rehab for various reasons that i won’t get into here…
    i literally stop at the bookstore on my way to rehab and buy one book.
    that book was Del’s and i read it over and over and over again.
    that book quickly replaced NIGHTSHIFT as my number one.
    somehow i was able to easily connect with and feel the alienation and pain of many of the characters in his stories.

    i know this may sound quite strange but…
    as my eyeballs melted into my quivering skull from the horror of what is kicking drugs…Del’s book without a doubt helped me hold on to what little sanity i held dear.

    i can still recant 90 percent of those stories from memory and i can’t wait to get a new copy.

    and i’ll never forgive that little blonde girl from arizona for stealing that first printing of that book…he knows who she is!

  • Bucksatan

    Del’s book scared the shit out of me…BUY IT!

  • smutwriter29

    Del James is my hero… This book is so amazing! GO BUY IT!