Hellboy Vs. Dracula?

Hellboy has fought mythical creatures, unnamable monstrosities, and big studio bullshit over the course of his many years of existence, but at last weekend’s New York Film Festival, Gullermo del Toro reveled a potential for the franchise that almost seems like it’d be too good to be true; Hellboy Vs. Universal Monsters.

Logically it only make sense, as Universal has scooped up the Hellboy 2 rights from languishing development hell for many years, but as of now it’s all only conjecture and the ravings of a visionary fanboy, namely Guillermo del Toro; “My hope is that if everything goes well and we continue [the franchise], Hellboy can start fighting the Universal monsters! I would love to see that.” del Toro told IGN Filmforce.

Even if it doesn’t happen in another live-action film, the world of Hellboy is so large now that the possibilities are endless; “We talked briefly about this because I think it is such a great possibility for the future, to do that either in the animated universe or in another universe we create just for that,” he continued. “I remember seeing the test footage for the animated Frankenstein they were making years ago. Black & white… it is just spine-tingling. Your hair stands on an end because it was of such beauty.”

Of course the original creatures from the original films would be the designs the man would go with, rather than a Sommers-style “re-imagining”, because we all know that’s just how del Toro rolls. Check out the IGN link for more quotes from the man, and keep your fingers crossed that this will actually happen someday!

Johnny Butane

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