Dunes Wants Rosemary’s Baby

There's gonna be dirt in the crib!!!Is there nothing Platinum Dunes won’t toss some grit on? Freddy, Jason, Hitcher, Leatherface … not one horror icon is safe and now even the seed of Satan may be rolling around in a crib full of grittiness and Nine Inch Nails albums.

STYD has the scoop that Roman Polanski’s classic about a woman being the unwilling bearer of the Devil’s son is currently being eyed up by Platinum Dunes producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form. As of right now, the team is searching for a writer to bring the tale of paranoia to the 21st Century.

Taking into account what we’ve seen in the past from Dunes, can they honestly pull off a movie that has to rely on tension and strong characters over gritty grindhouse cinema? Share you thoughts with us below.


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