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Wicked Lake site live!If there’s one thing I’ve learned from doing the horror DVD list every week, it’s that if you’re in high school or college and plan a weekend trip to anywhere that isn’t overpopulated, you better count on most of your crew getting offed. Everyone’s doing it now, including Chris (The Lost) Sivertson and Adam (Going to Pieces) Rockoff in their latest script, Wicked Lake.

Fangoria got word that Lake, directed by Zach Passero, now has a fully functioning space station, er, official site, complete with a pics, the trailer, and production info. Rockoff and Sivertson penned the script, which the latter also produced.

And yeah, Lake is about a group of friends who head off to a cabin for a getaway and have a run-in with both a crazy family and a trio of backwoods oddballs. Check out the official Wicked Lake site to learn more! The film will premiere on April 26th at the American Cinematheque in Hollywood.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Gus Bjork

    But then wouldn’t she be a…a…prostitute?

  • Messiahman

    Yeah, this whole “you guys hate Chris Sivertson” thing is just ridiculous in light of the fact that there have been MANY discussions on just how great THE LOST is.

    A bad movie is a bad movie, and I know for a fact that Sivertson himself didn’t have the best experience on I KNOW WHO KILLED ME. It’s clear that no one singled out the movie because Lohan was in it — rather, they simply pointed out the fact that she gave an absolutely terrible performance in an absolutely terrible film. EVERYTHING in I KNOW is utter garbage, and judging from your poorly written rant/attack, it sounds like YOU have an agenda, chainsawkiss.

    Do you work with Sivertson? Did you work on I KNOW? Are you the president of the Linsday Lohan Fan Club? Whatever you are, stop acting like a humorless troll. The only rants here are yours.

  • chainsawkiss

    I know deep in your soul, you hate miss LOHAN. Star WARS!!!!

  • Johnny Butane

    Thanks for getting my back on the SW thing, Gus. Kids these days…

  • Uncle Creepy

    “I just read Unlce CREEPy’s review on “I know who killed me.” Thats not a review. It’s a personal rant by someone who can’t get over the fact that yes Lindsey Lohan was in the movie.”

    Just reread my review and I have to say, I have no clue what you’re talking about. I never said Lohan was in any way the problem with this film(!). If anything it was everything else. As Andrew said we’ve no issue with the director as The Lost has gotten high praise from us. A bad movie (which in my opinion, I Know …. was) is just a bad movie. That simple.

  • Sirand

    For the record, almost all of us at Dread have praised Sivertson’s THE LOST to the high heavens.

  • Gus Bjork

    It was a Star Wars reference. I question your internet movie geek credentials.

    What is there to get excited about here? Between teens in a cabin, serial killer torture guys and zombies in the woods there is a non-stop barrage of low budget, sometimes independent, horror movies that have nothing at all to them beyond title and enough of a plot summary to get the film moved into a buyers hands. Personally I continue to be disappointed. For the first time in filmmaking history passionate people who have the dedication can make films out and on their own, with better and more accessible tech, resources and until recently undreamed of methods of distribution and marketing. And they just keep pissing it away.

    Which is fine. Making a film for money and money only is just fine. Just don’t expect good reviews or hype building based on nothing to hype. You can do that on your myspace page. If the reviewers here at Dread rolled over and sniffed the ass of any filmmaker making a genre film I would walk away and walk away fast. Just be glad you got some exposure here.

  • chainsawkiss

    WOW. Mr. Butane, going back and re-reading alot of your reviews and posts, it seems you got a personal vendetta against MR. Sivertson. And it seems you have made up your mind on this movie already too. I think ‘Wicked Lake’ looks pretty promising, it does look original at least, did you actually watch the trailer? I just read Unlce CREEPy’s review on “I know who killed me.” Thats not a review. It’s a personal rant by someone who can’t get over the fact that yes Lindsey Lohan was in the movie. OH my god. In all seriosness, if the movie was a foreign film with english subtitles, and had some obscure actress playing the part Lindsey played. I am convinced you would have wrote a good review on the movie.

    Also take some classess on comedy or something, cause your jokes or ‘punch lines’ are not hitting the ‘funny spot’ Space station? what does that even mean.

    I look forward to be entertained by more of your reviews in the future.

    — Blackie Flawless