Gierasch to Remake Night of the Demons

Adam GieraschHow strange that the day I start really looking into info on Kevin (Night of the Demons) Tenney’s latest film, Braindead (more on that later) STYD gets an update on the Night of the Demons remake? Very strange, indeed.

The site learned that Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson (The Toolbox Murders, Mother of Tears) are penning the script for the Demons redux, which will also be Gierasch’s sophomore directorial effort after Autopsy. Kevin Tenney and Greg McKay will produce, having worked together most recently on the aforementioned Braindead.

The original Night of the Demons starred the luscious Linnea Quigley (one of the many guests at Fear Fest 2008) as one of a group of teens who break into the infamous Hull House to do some serious partying, but accidentally invoke a demon who possess their young bodies one by one. Gierasch promises more of the same, with better effects, from the remake.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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