The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.10 - Home

The Dixon brothers finally had their brotherly fight about Merle's self-amputation and Merle's leaving Daryl alone to fend against an abusive parent, before a disappointed Daryl finally walking off to return to his people at the prison. Yay! After a moment of reflection, Merle followed.

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.10 - Home

Outside the prison's perimeter, Rick came across Hershel at the inside of the fence. Hershel urged Rick to return but Rick was not ready yet. As supportive as always, Hershel listened to Rick's run-ins with Loricination, Shane and phantom phone calls. Did Hershel have a psychologist's couch back at the farm too?

Carol and Axel flirted some more at the prison yard when a sniper shot hit Axel right at the temple (kinda appropriate since that is the actor's actual last name). It was the Governor on a sniper gun. Before Rick could react, he was shot at by henchman Martinez, who also pinned down a nearby Hershel. By using Axel's corpse as cover, Carol protected herself while she and Beth and Carl got shot at by another henchman at a tower. With a machine gun on hand, Michonne joined in the gunfight, shooting at the Governor. Maggie ran out into the yard with more guns and they managed to free Carol. Much shooting and not hitting anyone. Conserve your ammo, people!

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During a lull in the firefight, a delivery truck ran through the gates and released its walker passengers inside. Exciting fighting and rescues ensue with everyone involved. Our wayward Dixon brothers even returned at the right time to join in. When the group made their way back to the safer inner perimeter of the prison, they can only watch as the walkers made themselves at home around them. Outside, with a thankful nod to Daryl, Rick may have finally awoken from his hallucinatory stupor as he helplessly watch walkers piling into the prison compound.

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The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.10 - Home

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